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Nelson Javier: Embracing the Path of Coaching in Badminton

Badminton is a sport that brings together athletes from various countries, each contributing to its growth and development. Nelson Javier, a bronze medalist at Toronto 2015 and a participant in Lima 2019, has taken on a new role as a coach, with a desire to make a lasting impact on the sport in the Dominican Republic.

Transitioning from Athlete to Coach

Making the decision to become a coach while still an active athlete was a natural progression for Nelson. He recognized that he had valuable insights to offer his teammates and wanted to find a way to contribute to their growth. Transitioning from being an athlete to a coach, however, proved to be a challenging process.

“When you become a coach, you have to assimilate and know when to provide guidance, and what instructions to give at the right time,” Nelson explains. “It is a complex transition that requires continuous learning.”

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others

As a coach, Nelson has had the opportunity to share his knowledge with other coaches and train alongside some of the best athletes in the Dominican Republic. He has participated in international tournaments, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to strengthen the sport in his country.

His goals as a coach are multifaceted. While he aspires to achieve good results with his team, he also wants to empower other coaches to navigate different situations and guide athletes to become better individuals both on and off the court. Nelson understands that coaching is a continuous process that requires constant growth and improvement.

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Embracing Continuous Learning

For any coach, consistent training is crucial. It not only benefits the coach personally but also enhances their ability to make a positive impact on their athletes. Recognizing this, Nelson recently took part in a pilot course for coaches at level 3. The course challenged him to approach training from a different perspective, incorporating new theories and models into his coaching approach.

“In this course, we have had the opportunity to expand our knowledge, learn from different theories, and explore new approaches that we can apply with our players and fellow coaches,” says Nelson. “We now understand that the role of a coach extends beyond just guiding a player during a match. There are various aspects that a coach can influence to foster an athlete’s development.”

Striving for Dreams and Growth

Nelson’s dreams as a coach go beyond personal achievements. He dreams of not only producing Olympic medalists but also witnessing the full development of badminton in his country. It is a vision that encompasses the sport’s growth on a broader scale.

“My ultimate dream is to see badminton flourish in the Dominican Republic,” Nelson shares. “While an Olympic medalist would be an incredible accomplishment, I would be satisfied knowing that we have created an environment where badminton can thrive.”


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Q: How long has Nelson been a coach?
A: Nelson has been a coach for almost 4 years now.

Q: What are Nelson’s goals as a coach?
A: Nelson’s goals as a coach include achieving good results with his team and helping other coaches navigate different situations while guiding athletes to become better individuals.

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Q: What recent training course did Nelson participate in?
A: Nelson recently participated in a pilot course for coaches at level 3.


Nelson Javier has embarked on a journey as a coach, driven by his passion for badminton and his desire to make a significant impact in the Dominican Republic. Through sharing knowledge, embracing continuous learning, and striving for dreams that extend beyond personal achievements, Nelson is shaping the future of badminton in his country. With his dedication and commitment, he is determined to see the sport flourish and leave a lasting legacy.