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Welcome to Carnegiecentre, the ultimate resource for all things badminton! In this article, we will explore the journey of Jose Francisco Alcantara Cortes, a passionate badminton player from Mexico. Let’s delve into his story and discover the impact of badminton in his life.

Discovering Badminton

Jose’s sporting journey began at a young age, dabbling in various sports such as gymnastics, basketball, soccer, karate, swimming, and volleyball. However, it was at the age of 13 when he stumbled upon badminton. A PE teacher introduced him to the sport, and he instantly fell in love with its fun, complexity, and competitiveness. Jose continued to train and represented the state of Veracruz in national competitions, securing medals for three consecutive years.

A Brief Hiatus

Unfortunately, Jose lost touch with badminton when he was 16 due to a disconnect with his coach. However, destiny had other plans for him. At the age of 29, while studying physical activity sciences and sports practice, Jose found himself drawn back to badminton. He took the initiative to introduce the sport to the state of Morelos, where it had never been played before. Starting with his fellow students, Jose began teaching badminton in schools, igniting a passion for the sport among children.

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Memorable Moments

Throughout his badminton journey, Jose has had several memorable experiences. One that stands out is his first national tournament in Aguascalientes in 1997. The event allowed him to connect with players from different states and cherish the camaraderie of the badminton community. Another significant moment was his role as the national coach in the Pan American Junior Acapulco 2021. This opportunity enabled him to learn from experienced coaches and players from various countries.

The Significance of Badminton

For Jose, badminton has brought about positive transformations in both his personal and professional life. The sport has helped him grow as an individual and introduced him to countless admirable individuals. He considers himself fortunate to have experienced the joy and fulfillment that badminton has brought him. As a tutor of Shuttle Time, Jose is thrilled to pass on his acquired knowledge to others and inspire them on their own badminton journeys.

Impact of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time, a powerful program, has played a pivotal role in Jose’s badminton endeavors. It provides teachers without prior knowledge of the sport the necessary tools to learn and teach badminton effectively. Thanks to the courses offered in Morelos, the number of coaches, clubs, and most importantly, players has been steadily increasing. Shuttle Time has created opportunities for children, young people, and adults to have fun and discover the joys of badminton.


  • Q: What inspired Jose to return to badminton?
    A: Jose’s passion for badminton was reignited during his studies in physical activity sciences and sports practice.

  • Q: How has badminton impacted Jose’s life?
    A: Badminton has brought positive transformations to Jose’s personal and professional life, allowing him to grow as an individual and meet incredible people.

  • Q: What role has Shuttle Time played in expanding badminton in Morelos?
    A: Shuttle Time has been instrumental in teaching teachers about badminton, resulting in the growth of coaches, clubs, and players in Morelos.

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Jose Francisco Alcantara Cortes’ journey in badminton showcases the far-reaching impact of the sport. From discovering badminton as a teenager to becoming a coach and passing on his knowledge, Jose’s story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. We hope this article has inspired you to explore the world of badminton and experience the joy it can bring. To learn more about badminton and its incredible community, visit Carnegiecentre.