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Badminton Pan America

26-year-old Canadian, Phyllis Kai Yi Chan, is a remarkable badminton player and coach for Canada’s national team. Her journey into the sport is an inspiring tale that showcases her passion and dedication.

Embracing the Sport

Phyllis’s love for badminton began when her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by her father’s recreational play in Hong Kong, she decided to pick up a racket at the young age of 6. Observing her older sister’s formal training, Phyllis became eager to participate as well, quickly developing a strong affinity for the sport.

Throughout her career, Phyllis has achieved impressive milestones. She became the 2012 Pan American Champion in Women Doubles, won bronze in the Pan Am Games Toronto 2015, and secured the Canadian national championship for three consecutive years (2013-2015) in the same discipline. Phyllis also represented Canada in prestigious events such as the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, Sudirman Cup, Uber Cup, Pan Am Games, and various international tournaments. In 2016, she officially announced her retirement as a player.

Transitioning to Coaching

Driven by her desire to share her experiences and contribute to the sport that shaped her life, Phyllis embraced a new challenge as a coach. She recognized the lack of high-performance female coaches and athletes in badminton and aimed to inspire the next generation of athletes.

Phyllis acknowledges the tremendous support she received from her coaches throughout her competitive career. However, she also identifies the need for more female representation in coaching roles. Through her coaching journey, Phyllis aims to inspire young athletes with the values she learned from badminton – the importance of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork.

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Badminton’s Impact

To Phyllis, badminton is more than just a sport. It has shaped her life and allowed her to form connections with people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Growing up, the badminton club became a second home where she made lifelong friendships. As she got older, badminton provided her with the opportunity to travel and expand her horizons.

Reflecting on the impact of badminton, Phyllis attributes her personal growth to the sport. It taught her valuable life lessons, instilling the values of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Phyllis believes that badminton played a significant role in shaping the person she is today.

Changing Perspectives in Canada

In many countries, athletes often stop competing in badminton tournaments after their high school years due to the perception that there is no future in the sport and the expenses involved. Phyllis aims to change this perspective in Canada.

Her goal is to increase badminton participation in the country and establish it as a mainstream sport with ample opportunities for athletes to compete and pursue badminton as a career. Furthermore, Phyllis strives to position Canada as a strong badminton nation on the world stage.

Canada’s recent success in the II Male & Female Pan Am Continental Team Championships 2018 positions them as the representatives of our region in the upcoming Thomas & Uber Cup 2018 in Thailand. This accomplishment highlights the importance of support from authorities in player training and coach performance.

Support and Transition to Coaching

Phyllis acknowledges the crucial role that support from national and provincial badminton associations, as well as her mentor Abdul Shaikh, played in her transition from athlete to coach. These associations provided her with unwavering support and opportunities to gain coaching experience. Currently, Phyllis continues her high-performance coaching education at the University of British Columbia.

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As a female badminton player and coach, Phyllis has faced and overcome numerous challenges. She shares an empowering message for women, encouraging them to dream big, believe in themselves, and view obstacles as growth opportunities. Success, according to Phyllis, stems from hard work, perseverance, and the guidance of many. She emphasizes the importance of kindness and humility along the journey.

Phyllis Kai Yi Chan - Badminton Photo

  • Q: How long has Phyllis Chan been playing badminton?

    • Phyllis has been playing badminton since she was 6 years old.
  • Q: What are Phyllis’s notable achievements in badminton?

    • Phyllis won the 2012 Pan American Championship in Women Doubles, earned a bronze medal in the Pan Am Games Toronto 2015, and became the Canadian national champion for three consecutive years (2013-2015) in the same discipline.
  • Q: What inspired Phyllis to become a coach?

    • Phyllis was inspired to become a coach by the distinct lack of high-performance female coaches and athletes in badminton. She wanted to share her experiences and give back to the sport that had been an integral part of her life.

Phyllis Kai Yi Chan’s journey in badminton showcases the transformative power of sports. From a young age, she fell in love with the sport and went on to achieve remarkable success as a player. Now, as a coach, Phyllis is inspiring the next generation of athletes and working towards making badminton a mainstream sport in Canada. Her dedication, resilience, and belief in the power of dreams serve as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. For more information, visit Carnegiecentre.

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