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Badminton Pan America

Gabriela Alejandra Sepúlveda Aravena, a Shuttle Time Tutor from the Badminton Federation of Chile, shares her journey and experiences in the world of badminton. From her childhood memories to becoming a dedicated badminton teacher, Gabriela’s story is both inspiring and relatable.

A Childhood Filled with Joy

Gabriela reminisces about her happy childhood, filled with friends and endless fun. Growing up in a middle-class household, she never lacked anything. Her love for sports would later lead her to discover badminton.

Embracing Badminton

During her studies in physical education, Gabriela’s professor introduced badminton as a new sport to the university. Intrigued by its fast-paced and enjoyable nature, Gabriela and her classmates started learning and playing badminton recreationally. As her interest grew, she attended various courses offered by the federation and began teaching badminton at the university. Eventually, she even became an umpire, participating in the Sudamericano, Chile 2013.

Memorable Moments

Gabriela cherishes the many international events she has attended as an umpire and the people she has met along the way. Since 2018, as a teacher, she has organized and participated in national events with her group of players. One notable achievement was the successful Shuttle Time training in Lonquimay in 2022, where her athletes excelled. Through these events, she has formed bonds with other teachers, creating a close-knit badminton community.

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Badminton: A Part of Life

For Gabriela, badminton has become more than just a sport – it is now her livelihood. She has dedicated a significant portion of her working life to badminton and owes many of her experiences and connections to the sport. It holds a special place in her heart.

Unique Qualities of Badminton

Gabriela appreciates the absence of physical aggression in badminton. Although players may occasionally lose control, the game primarily depends on an individual’s effort and skills. Even in doubles, it remains an intimate team sport. Furthermore, she values the emphasis on respect for opponents and umpires, which is promoted within the badminton community.

Nurturing Badminton in the Community

As badminton continues to grow within the community, Gabriela believes her experiences as a teacher flourish. By interacting with other teachers and sharing knowledge, she sees her own growth reflected in her players’ development. The highs and lows of this journey contribute to valuable lessons and personal growth. As a Shuttle Time Teacher, Gabriela had the privilege of taking one of her club players to the Sudamericano in Peru in 2022, which was a remarkable experience for both her and the player.

Impact of Shuttle Time

Gabriela’s involvement with Shuttle Time began in 2016 when she became a Shuttle Time Teacher. As a Shuttle Time Tutor, she taught a course for teachers in her community, inspiring them to implement badminton workshops in their schools. The initiative grew even further, and community badminton meetings with over 50 children now take place annually, allowing them to compete and enjoy the sport. Gabriela finds great joy in contributing to the development and popularization of badminton in Lonquimay.

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  • Q: How did Gabriela first discover badminton?
    A: Gabriela’s professor introduced badminton as a new sport at her university, sparking her interest.

  • Q: What are some unique qualities of badminton that Gabriela appreciates?
    A: Gabriela values the absence of physical aggression in the sport, the focus on individual effort and skills, and the promotion of respect for opponents and umpires.

  • Q: How has Gabriela contributed to the growth of badminton in her community?
    A: As a Shuttle Time Teacher and Tutor, Gabriela has organized courses for teachers, led workshops in schools, and facilitated community badminton meetings for children.


Gabriela’s journey in badminton exemplifies the passion and impact that can be achieved through dedication and love for a sport. From her humble beginnings as a student to becoming a respected teacher and umpire, she has left a lasting mark on the badminton community. Her commitment to nurturing badminton in her community is an inspiration for aspiring players and educators. Through Shuttle Time, Gabriela continues to make a positive impact on the sport she holds dear to her heart.

Badminton Pan America

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