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Fabiana Da Silva: Inspiring the Growth of Badminton in Brazil

Fabiana Da Silva
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Fabiana Da Silva, a medalist at the Pan Am Games 2019, is a Brazilian star with big dreams. Not only does she aspire to qualify for the Olympic Games 2020, but she also wants to become a badminton coach to contribute to the development of the sport in her country. With a passion for teaching physical education, Fabiana discovered badminton on the beach while practicing another sport.

A Journey of Opportunities and Growth

Fabiana’s relationship with badminton began when she was just 12 years old. Initially, she played the sport for fun on the beach during days when sailing wasn’t possible due to a lack of wind. However, her love for badminton grew, and she eventually left sailing to pursue it seriously.

As an athlete, Fabiana has had the opportunity to experience various benefits that have positively impacted her academic life. Through scholarships, she was able to complete her studies, which is one of the greatest rewards that sports have given her. Additionally, badminton has allowed her to explore different cultures, visit new countries, and forge lifelong friendships.

Inspiring the Growth of Badminton in Brazil

With athletes like Fabiana achieving notable successes, badminton’s popularity in Brazil has been steadily increasing. However, the sport is still not as widely known as others. Fabiana aims to change this by actively contributing to the sport’s development in her country. Her personal goal is to represent Brazil in the next Olympic Games, which is the dream of every athlete.

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Fabiana’s goals for badminton in Brazil extend beyond personal achievements. She hopes to attract more investment and support for the sport, ultimately becoming a role model for future generations. By achieving these goals, she believes badminton can thrive in Brazil and gain the recognition it deserves.

Overcoming Challenges with Determination

Like in any journey, Fabiana has faced her share of obstacles. Lack of support and investment were significant hurdles in the early stages of her career. While there has been an increase in investment in badminton in Brazil, the scarcity of sponsors remains a challenge not only for Fabiana but for many other athletes as well. Nevertheless, through sheer determination and perseverance, Fabiana has achieved many of her goals.

Inspiring Women to Pursue Their Dreams

At 31 years old, Fabiana serves as an inspiration to others, especially women, encouraging them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Her message is clear: fear should never hold anyone back. Regardless of the starting point or the timing, what defines individuals are their resilience, attitudes, and courage to conquer their space and pursue their dreams.


Q: What is Fabiana Da Silva’s greatest achievement in badminton so far?
A: Fabiana Da Silva won a medal at the Pan Am Games 2019, showcasing her exceptional skills and talent in the sport.

Q: How is Fabiana contributing to the growth of badminton in Brazil?
A: Fabiana aspires to be a badminton coach and actively works towards the development of the sport in her country. She also hopes to attract more investment and support for badminton in Brazil.

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Q: What challenges has Fabiana faced in her career?
A: Lack of support and investment were significant challenges for Fabiana early on in her career. However, her determination and effort have helped her overcome these obstacles.

Q: What advice does Fabiana have for aspiring athletes?
A: Fabiana encourages aspiring athletes to be fearless and pursue their dreams with resilience, regardless of their starting point or the timing.


Fabiana Da Silva’s journey in badminton is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. Her pursuit of excellence in the sport, along with her dedication to the growth of badminton in Brazil, serves as a shining example for athletes and enthusiasts alike. With her passion and drive, Fabiana is paving the way for a bright future for badminton in her country.

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