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Badminton Pan America: A Journey of Passion and Growth

Su Ying Lau

Badminton is more than just a sport; it is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Su Ying, a Badminton Coach, Shuttle Time National Coordinator, and Secretary of the Aruba Badminton Federation, has dedicated her life to this beautiful game. In this article, we will explore Su Ying’s inspiring journey and her valuable contributions to the badminton community.

A Love for Badminton Ignited at a Young Age

Su Ying’s passion for badminton blossomed at a local club when she was very young. Her love for the sport only grew stronger during her time at the University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Joining a university badminton club, she actively organized and participated in tournaments and competitions. This experience shaped her into the dedicated and talented badminton enthusiast she is today.

Sharing Knowledge and Experiencing the World

Throughout her badminton journey, Su Ying has had the opportunity to travel to various cities, both locally and internationally. These experiences have allowed her to meet incredible individuals and form lasting friendships. Su Ying’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and she is always eager to share her expertise in badminton wherever she goes.

Su Ying Lau

Embracing All Aspects of Badminton

As a player, coach, and manager, Su Ying has gained a multifaceted understanding of the sport. She has encountered both triumphs and challenges, each contributing to her overall enjoyment of badminton. Whether playing recreationally or competitively, coaching aspiring athletes, or organizing tournaments and activities, Su Ying finds all aspects of badminton to be fulfilling and exciting.

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Conquering Challenges and Celebrating Success

One of Su Ying’s proudest moments was leading the Aruba team at the I Pan Am Junior Games Cali 2021. This event posed a significant challenge due to the high level of competition. However, the Aruba team surprised everyone with their exceptional performance. Su Ying faced the task of preparing her players within a short timeframe, reaching out to fellow badminton experts for guidance and support. Despite the demands of her full-time job and coaching responsibilities, Su Ying’s dedication and the players’ unwavering commitment paid off. Witnessing their progress and teamwork was a testament to the value of hard work and determination.

Sport as a Catalyst for Community Development

Having experienced badminton from various roles, Su Ying emphasizes the importance of sport in community development. She believes that anyone can participate and contribute, regardless of gender or any other perceived barriers. Su Ying encourages everyone to embrace their love for badminton and actively engage in its development.


Q: How did Su Ying prepare her players for the I Pan Am Junior Games?

Su Ying faced the challenge of preparing her players within a short timeframe for the I Pan Am Junior Games. To ensure the best possible preparation, she reached out to her network of badminton experts for guidance and support. Their advice and expertise greatly contributed to the players’ readiness for the high-level competition.

Q: What motivates Su Ying to continue her journey in badminton?

Su Ying’s love for badminton and the opportunity to make a positive impact on individuals and communities motivate her every day. She finds joy in witnessing players’ growth and the camaraderie fostered through the sport.

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Su Ying’s remarkable journey in badminton is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and dedication. Her experiences as a player, coach, and manager have enriched her understanding of the sport and allowed her to form meaningful connections worldwide. Through her journey, Su Ying inspires others to embrace badminton and contribute to the development of their communities. To learn more about Su Ying and her contributions to badminton, visit Carnegiecentre.