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Juliana Giraldo, a badminton player from Colombia, shares her journey and aspirations in this exclusive interview. From her humble beginnings to her dreams of competing in the Olympic Games, Juliana’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring badminton players.


In this article, we delve into the life of Juliana Giraldo, a rising star in the world of badminton. From her early introduction to the sport to her notable achievements, Juliana reflects on the challenges and joys of being a high-performance athlete. Join us as we explore her dreams, goals, and the valuable message she has for young badminton enthusiasts.

Juliana’s Journey in Badminton

Juliana Giraldo discovered badminton at the age of nine in her neighborhood. Encountering passionate coaches who were eager to share their knowledge, Juliana quickly fell in love with the sport. With determination and hard work, she honed her skills and began participating in tournaments.

Notable Achievements

Juliana’s talent and dedication have led to remarkable achievements on the international stage. In 2018, she secured a silver medal in Mixed Doubles and finished fifth in Singles at the South American Championships. These accomplishments are a testament to Juliana’s unwavering commitment to representing her country.

Dreams and Goals

Juliana’s biggest dream is to compete in the Olympic Games, a pinnacle of achievement for any athlete. As she strives to climb higher in the BWF Ranking, Juliana aims to gain more exposure through participating in various tournaments. Her determination and passion drive her to continually improve and make a name for herself in the badminton world.

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Challenges and Rewards

Being a high-performance athlete comes with its own set of challenges. Juliana acknowledges that limited financial support makes it difficult to travel and earn ranking points. However, she believes that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible. Juliana highlights the importance of focusing on the joy of playing badminton rather than solely fixating on results.

Juliana’s Preferences

In a quickfire round, Juliana reveals her preferences. She expresses a preference for the World Championships over the Olympic Games and favors the summer season. When it comes to taste, Juliana has a sweet tooth. Lastly, she admires badminton player Carolina Marin.

Advice for Aspiring Players

Juliana’s message to young badminton enthusiasts is to embrace the journey and enjoy the sport. She encourages newcomers to have fun, not be disheartened by losses, and not solely focus on results. Juliana highlights that dedication and a positive mindset are crucial in the pursuit of badminton excellence.

With her talent, determination, and passion for the sport, Juliana Giraldo continues to make strides in the world of badminton. Keep an eye on this rising star as she sets her sights on achieving her Olympic dream.