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Dhayisbel Torrealba: A Trailblazer in the Sports Industry

Dhayisbel Torrealba is an inspiring figure in the world of sports. As the President of Venezuela Badminton Association, she is one of the few women who hold such high positions in sports federations. With a background in Physical Culture and Sports, along with a master’s degree in Sports Training, Torrealba’s expertise in badminton and the sports industry is undeniable.

Torrealba’s journey in badminton began in 2007 when she discovered the sport while studying at the University in Santiago de Cuba. Intrigued by the game, she started practicing and soon became a competitive player, representing her University in various tournaments, including the Turkino Cup. This early experience laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Being an athlete allowed Torrealba to not only grow professionally but also paved the way for her to become a coach. She successfully trained numerous children in the sport, introducing badminton to her municipality and state for the first time. Today, as a sports manager, she leads the Venezuelan Badminton Federation with a vision to make badminton a consolidated sport in her country. Her main focus is on nurturing young talent and developing elite athletes who can compete at the international level.

Torrealba’s journey hasn’t been easy, but her determination and passion for badminton have kept her going. Through her experiences as an athlete, coach, and now a manager, she has acquired unique insights and lessons that she willingly shares with others. For Torrealba, badminton isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life.

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As an athlete, Torrealba learned the importance of giving her best at all times and the value of discipline in achieving her goals. As a coach, she had the opportunity to positively influence the lives of children, not just as athletes but also as responsible citizens. And now, in her role as a manager, Torrealba continues to learn and grow, determined to bring Venezuelan badminton to new heights.

Managing the federation during challenging times in her country hasn’t been easy for Torrealba. However, her unwavering faith, belief in teamwork, and the support of her dedicated team keep her going. She firmly believes that everything happens for a reason and that her ability to navigate through difficulties is a testament to her strength.

Dhayisbel Torrealba’s journey in badminton is one of resilience, passion, and dedication. Her contributions to the sport and her commitment to developing the sport in Venezuela are truly remarkable. Through her leadership and determination, she is paving the way for a brighter future for badminton in her country.


Q: How did Dhayisbel Torrealba start her journey in badminton?
A: Dhayisbel Torrealba discovered badminton while studying at the University in Santiago de Cuba in 2007. She was invited by Professor Enrique Charadan to practice the sport, and from there, she started competing for her University and participating in various tournaments.

Q: What are Dhayisbel Torrealba’s goals as the President of the Venezuelan Badminton Federation?
A: Dhayisbel Torrealba aims to make badminton a consolidated sport in Venezuela and focus on developing young talent. Her ultimate goal is to have elite athletes who can achieve excellent results at the international level.

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Q: How has Dhayisbel Torrealba’s journey in badminton shaped her as a person?
A: Dhayisbel Torrealba’s journey in badminton has taught her the value of perseverance, discipline, and teamwork. It has become her lifestyle, and she is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of athletes and her community.


Dhayisbel Torrealba’s remarkable journey in badminton exemplifies her dedication, passion, and leadership in the sport. As the President of Venezuela Badminton Association, she has made significant strides in developing badminton in her country. From her early days as a competitive player to becoming a coach and a manager, Torrealba’s experiences have shaped her into a role model for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts. With her unwavering determination and belief in teamwork, she continues to work towards making badminton a consolidated sport in Venezuela. Dhayisbel Torrealba’s contributions to the sport and her commitment to its growth are truly inspiring. Visit to learn more and join the badminton revolution.