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Michelle Li Man-Shan: A Rising Star in Badminton

Michelle Li Man-Shan, a talented badminton player from Ontario, Canada, has been making waves in the world of singles badminton. With her remarkable skills and determination, she has become a leading figure in the sport, representing both her country and Pan America.

Early Beginnings and Achievements

Michelle’s journey in badminton started at the age of 11 when she played the sport for fun with her mom. Recognizing her potential, she joined an academy where she honed her skills and eventually made it to the national team. Throughout her career, Michelle has participated in around 150 tournaments, with her best results being the victory in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and qualifying for the Olympics in Rio.

The Olympic Experience

Qualifying for the Olympics was a dream come true for Michelle. Being able to compete on the world stage alongside the best players was an incredible experience filled with nerves, support, and unexpected moments. It was a chance to play against opponents she had admired, making the whole journey even more memorable.

Badminton’s Global Reach

Badminton has gained popularity in numerous countries across the globe. Michelle estimates that the sport is present in about 30 to 35 countries, spanning across South America, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. As an athlete, she has had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, competing against players from various backgrounds and styles.

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Personal Growth and Aspirations

Michelle remains laser-focused on badminton, constantly striving to improve herself. While she may not have many anecdotes from her travels, she appreciates the chance to observe and learn from other players, helping her become a better athlete. As the top-ranked player in America, she feels a sense of pride and responsibility, aiming to bring more attention and recognition to the sport in Canada and the entire continent.

European Adventure and Future Goals

Michelle spent a significant amount of time in Europe, experiencing the intense training regimes and fierce competition. Her commitment to training in Italy and Denmark was fueled by her determination to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Looking ahead, she aims to continue changing the landscape of badminton in Canada and potentially in America. Her ultimate goals include qualifying for future Olympics and striving to become the best player she can be.

Balancing Sports and Studies

When she’s not playing badminton, Michelle devotes her time to studying Business. Although it can be challenging to balance training and academia, she believes in the value of discipline and organization. Embracing the demands of badminton has taught her valuable life skills, such as humility, self-confidence, and strength.

The Impact of Badminton

Badminton has not only provided Michelle with sporting satisfaction but has also influenced her personal growth. It has given her a strong support network of friends and taught her important life lessons. While she continues to focus on her athletic career, she also enjoys movies that make her think and challenge her perception of reality.

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Continuing the Journey

Throughout her journey, Michelle has had the support of her first coach, Jennifer Lee, and represents the prestigious Lee’s Badminton Club. She’s thrilled to see the growing popularity of badminton in her country, with more people embracing the sport. Michelle’s determination and passion for badminton have been rewarded with success, and she remains committed to achieving even greater heights in the future.


Q1: When did Michelle Li start playing badminton? How did she become involved in the sport?

A1: Michelle started playing badminton at the age of 11, initially for fun with her mom. She then joined an academy, where she further developed her skills and eventually joined the national team.

Q2: How many tournaments has Michelle participated in, and what are her notable achievements?

A2: Michelle has participated in approximately 150 tournaments throughout her career. Her notable achievements include winning the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and qualifying for the Olympics in Rio.

Q3: What are Michelle’s short and medium-term objectives as a badminton player?

A3: Michelle’s goals as a badminton player include changing the landscape of the sport in Canada and America. She aims to qualify for future Olympics and strives to become the best player she can be.

Q4: How does Michelle balance her sports career with studies or work?

A4: When she’s not playing badminton, Michelle focuses on studying Business. While balancing training and academics can be challenging, she values discipline and organization to manage her time effectively.


Michelle Li Man-Shan, a Canadian badminton player, has risen to prominence in the world of singles badminton. Starting her journey at a young age, she quickly found success and has since achieved notable victories, including winning the Commonwealth Games and qualifying for the Olympics. Michelle’s passion, dedication, and personal growth through badminton have made her a role model in her sport. With her sights set on future goals, she aims to make a lasting impact on badminton in Canada and America. As she continues her journey, Michelle remains focused and determined to reach new heights in her career.

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