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Badminton: An Inspiring Journey of Determination and Growth

Student and military personnel, Haramara Gaitan Fausto, is a remarkable Mexican badminton player who is striving for a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Not only does she aim to achieve personal success, but she also dreams of popularizing badminton in her country.

Haramara’s love for badminton blossomed a few years ago when she stumbled upon it while training for basketball. Intrigued by its challenging nature, she decided to give it a try. “From the moment I began playing badminton, I realized how difficult it truly is, and I fell in love with the sport,” she shares.

The pursuit of excellence in any sport demands commitment and discipline, and badminton is no exception. For Haramara, the sport has become a catalyst for personal growth, teaching her to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals. “Through badminton, I have learned to view sport as a platform for personal development. It has provided me with invaluable experiences, such as traveling to different countries, and taught me important virtues like patience and resilience,” she reflects.

While Haramara aims to secure a spot in the Olympics, her aspirations for badminton extend far beyond individual achievements. She envisions a future where badminton gains popularity in Mexico, akin to its European counterparts. She hopes that universities and clubs will unite to form competitive badminton leagues, offering opportunities for both high-performance players and recreational enthusiasts.

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Often, societal or environmental constraints discourage individuals from pursuing their dreams. Haramara, however, is a shining example of unwavering determination. As a military woman and athlete, she refuses to let gender stereotypes define her path. Her message to all women is clear: “Forging a career in sports may be challenging, especially in Latin American countries due to cultural barriers. But remember, success is not limited by gender. It is defined by the determination we possess to achieve our goals.”

Haramara’s relentless pursuit of excellence has taken her across the globe, competing in numerous events and earning valuable ranking points. Through this journey, she has come to appreciate the sport of badminton even more, along with the individuals and institutions that contribute to its growth. “I have learned to embrace the process and am incredibly grateful for the support of my team and the people I have met along the way. We are continuing to push forward,” she declares.


What inspired Haramara to start playing badminton?

Haramara discovered badminton while training for basketball. She was captivated by the sport’s challenging nature and decided to give it a try. From that moment on, she fell in love with badminton and has been dedicated to it ever since.

What are Haramara’s goals beyond personal achievements?

While Haramara strives for success on a personal level, she also dreams of popularizing badminton in Mexico. She envisions a future where universities and clubs come together to form competitive badminton leagues, catering to both high-performance players and recreational enthusiasts.


Haramara Gaitan Fausto, a dedicated Mexican badminton player, is on a journey to secure a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, her aspirations extend far beyond personal achievements. Haramara aims to make badminton a widely recognized and appreciated sport in Mexico, inspiring universities and clubs to establish competitive badminton leagues. Through her determination and resilience, she serves as a role model for women in sports, demonstrating that success knows no gender boundaries. Haramara’s unwavering dedication to badminton has provided her with invaluable experiences and has instilled important life lessons that transcend the boundaries of the sport.

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