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Badminton Pan America: A Sport that Unites and Empowers

A strong and united family is one that embraces its differences while working towards a common vision, enabling them to achieve their goals together. Diane Delorier, the Secretary General of the Haitian Federation of Badminton, believes that this is also true for the sport of badminton and the impact it can have on society.

In Diane’s words, “Sport breaks down racial barriers, language, and brings together all countries. When we meet, we forget the differences. We are a sport family.” With a background in Business Management, Diane was drawn to badminton after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. The idea of using sports, especially badminton, to rejuvenate and engage Haitians in physical activities became a powerful catalyst for promoting peace and social cohesion.

During her involvement with the Haitian Olympic Committee, Diane worked on a psychosocial program to support young people living in temporary shelters. It was during this time that a friend, who had been trained in badminton, proposed the idea of establishing a badminton federation in Haiti. Diane eagerly took on the challenge and became an instrumental part of the creation of Fehbad in 2012. Her passion for badminton has only grown since then.

Initially serving as the treasurer, Diane took on various roles, managing the administration and secretariat of the federation. However, in the subsequent elections, she decided to take a step forward and run for the position of Secretary General. This change allowed her to take on more responsibilities and feel more connected to her role. Diane dreams of taking Haiti to new heights in Pan-American sports.

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Her vision for the future includes promoting badminton throughout Haiti, developing projects to identify and nurture young talents across the country, and participating in international championships to secure a stronger presence for Haiti in the Caribbean and across the Americas.

Like any journey, Diane’s path has not been without challenges. However, she has learned to overcome them and continues to move forward. Despite facing misconceptions and underestimation due to her gender and youth, Diane remains undeterred. In fact, she believes that every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. “In every problem I encounter, I always find at least three solutions,” she affirms.

Diane’s role in the development of badminton in Haiti is vital. She has achieved numerous milestones and strives to set new goals each day to further advance the sport. As a message to all the women who are fighting to promote and improve sports in their respective countries, Diane urges them to reject the notion of limitations. She emphasizes, “By limiting yourself, you allow others to believe they can limit you. Women should never disappoint when they take the lead; their impact will be remembered for a long time. In any space you occupy, create your own place.”

With Diane Delorier at the helm, badminton in Haiti is poised for exponential growth. Her dedication and determination are an inspiration to women in sports everywhere, and she is committed to making a lasting impact on the sport she loves.


Q: What is the goal of the Haitian Federation of Badminton?
A: The goal of the Haitian Federation of Badminton is to promote the sport of badminton throughout Haiti, develop projects to discover and nurture young talents across the country, and elevate Haiti’s standing in the Caribbean and Pan-American sports.

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Q: How did Diane Delorier become involved in badminton?
A: Diane Delorier became involved in badminton after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Recognizing the power of sports to bring people together and promote social cohesion, Diane actively collaborated in the establishment of the Haitian Federation of Badminton in 2012.

Q: What challenges has Diane Delorier faced in her role?
A: Diane Delorier has encountered various challenges throughout her journey in badminton. Being a young woman in a leadership position, she has faced underestimation and misconceptions. However, she has learned to overcome these obstacles and continues to strive towards her goals.


In Haiti, the sport of badminton is more than just a game. It is a powerful tool for promoting peace, unity, and social development. Diane Delorier, Secretary General of the Haitian Federation of Badminton, has dedicated herself to advancing badminton in her country and making it a force to be reckoned with in the Pan-American sports scene.

Through her leadership, Diane aims to promote badminton across Haiti, identify and nurture young talents, and participate in international championships to raise Haiti’s profile in the Caribbean and the Americas. Despite facing challenges and misconceptions, Diane remains unwavering in her commitment and believes in finding multiple solutions to every problem.

Diane’s story serves as an inspiration to women in sports worldwide. She encourages them to defy limitations and create their own place wherever they go. With her vision and determination, Diane Delorier is transforming badminton in Haiti and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

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