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What drives athletes like BR Sankeerth to keep going? This question is often asked, but it resonates even more strongly with journeymen players, those ranked beyond the top 40 who don’t have the same financial support or endorsements as the top players. These players have to juggle their earnings, studies, and the game itself, all while pursuing their dreams of success.

In the case of Sankeerth, currently ranked 81st in the world and the fourth highest-ranked Canadian, the journey has been challenging. As he competes mostly at the International Challenge and International Series level, he is yet to achieve a breakthrough win. However, despite the difficulties, he remains determined and unwavering in his pursuit of badminton.

Sankeerth acknowledges that the financial burden is not easy to bear. He relies on coaching and various side jobs to raise the necessary funds. Without any sponsors currently, he works tirelessly to support his badminton career. He recognizes the importance of not giving up and finds a way to keep pushing forward, no matter the obstacles.

Originally from Bangalore, India, Sankeerth and his family immigrated to Canada, where he has been honing his skills for the past four years. In 2019, he embarked on an international tour to accumulate ranking points, participating in 31 tournaments across diverse locations such as Cameroon, Mexico, and Pakistan.

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While his schedule is demanding, Sankeerth remains committed to his passion for badminton. He hopes to gain sufficient ranking points to compete at higher-level tournaments on the Tour. Achieving a lower world ranking is his objective, as it would grant him entry into the prestigious World Tour 300s and 500s. Although he occasionally has lucky breaks, he recognizes the need for consistent performance to reach his goals.

It’s worth mentioning that Sankeerth’s journey has required sacrifices. He had to drop out of university where he was studying chemistry. The combination of studying, working, and competing proved too challenging, and he made the difficult choice to focus solely on badminton. With the Olympics just a year away at the time, he felt the need to devote his energy to the sport he loves. He firmly believes in his talent and skills but acknowledges that there are still areas for improvement.

To enhance his training and development, Sankeerth has relocated to Bangalore, his childhood city. There, he works with a dedicated team under the guidance of coach Jagadish Yadav, who provides the support and belief that keep him motivated every day.

Looking ahead, Sankeerth’s immediate goal is to achieve several significant results that would propel him into the top 50 rankings. This milestone would secure his place in the draws of the Super 300 and 500 tournaments. The pursuit of ranking points is not just about money for Sankeerth; it’s about the satisfaction and fulfillment that come with being a competitive player. He finds inspiration in watching top players perform and strives to reach their level of excellence.

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Ultimately, Sankeerth’s journey represents the dedication, passion, and resilience required to succeed as a badminton player. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains focused, determined, and eager to make his mark in the sport. With the support of his team and his unwavering commitment, Sankeerth will continue to push towards his dreams and aspirations in the world of badminton.

Badminton Pan America


Q: What are Sankeerth’s current ranking and nationality?
A: Sankeerth is currently ranked 81st in the world and is a Canadian player.

Q: How does Sankeerth finance his badminton career?
A: Sankeerth relies on coaching and various side jobs to raise funds for his badminton career.

Q: What are Sankeerth’s goals in terms of ranking points and tournaments?
A: Sankeerth aims to lower his world ranking to gain entry into higher-level tournaments, specifically the World Tour 300s and 500s.

Q: What motivated Sankeerth to drop out of university?
A: Sankeerth chose to drop out of university to focus on badminton, especially with the Olympics approaching at the time.


BR Sankeerth, a dedicated badminton player ranked 81st in the world, exemplifies the determination and passion required to pursue a career in sports. Despite lacking financial support from sponsors, he finds ways to fund his badminton journey through coaching and side jobs. After making the tough decision to drop out of university, Sankeerth is now entirely focused on improving his ranking and participating in higher-level tournaments. He draws inspiration from top players and remains motivated to achieve success. With the support of his team and his unyielding dedication, Sankeerth continues to push forward, eager to make his mark in the world of badminton. For more information, visit

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