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Badminton Pan America


Welcome to the world of Badminton Pan America! In this article, we’ll introduce you to Maria Delia Zambrano Solano, a talented badminton player from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Get ready to dive into Maria’s journey, learn about her achievements, and discover her aspirations for the future.

Maria’s Badminton Journey

Maria started her badminton journey at the age of 10, inspired by her brothers who used to play the sport. She decided to give it a try, and from that moment, her passion for badminton ignited.

Tournaments and Achievements

Over the years, Maria has participated in approximately 30 tournaments, showcasing her skills and dedication to the sport. Her most significant achievement to date was winning the silver medal in the South American championship held in Brazil in 2015.

Exploring the World Through Badminton

Badminton has taken Maria to various corners of the world. She has traveled across the Americas, and even ventured to countries in Europe like Spain and Germany. Through her badminton career, Maria has been able to experience different cultures and make lifelong memories.

Memorable Anecdotes

Traveling comes with its fair share of interesting stories. Maria recalls moments of adrenaline-fueled dashes through airports, racing to catch her flights. Sweating and breathless, she would make it just in time to board the plane, always the last one to enter.

Goals and Ambitions

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Looking forward, Maria’s short and medium-term objectives as a badminton player are to continue training and improve her game. She aspires to compete in the Pan American Games and bring home a well-deserved medal.

Balancing Athletics and Education

Alongside her athletic career, Maria is currently preparing to study medicine. Despite the demanding schedule, she understands the importance of education and is determined to pursue her passion outside of badminton.

Commitment and Discipline

Maintaining commitment and discipline is crucial for Maria. She credits her success to being responsible and having effective time management skills. These qualities allow her to excel both on and off the court.

Beyond Badminton

Badminton has not only provided Maria with sporting satisfaction but has also enriched her life in many other ways. She has forged lasting friendships and had the opportunity to explore different countries, feeding her love for travel and adventure.

Hobbies and Interests

In her spare time, Maria indulges in her love for reading. She enjoys suspenseful books, such as CSI mysteries, as well as romantic novels. Engaging with literature allows her to unwind and escape into captivating stories.

Coaches and Clubs

Maria’s journey would not have been possible without the guidance of her first coach, Jose Pereda. In Ecuador, she represents various headquarters sponsored by the Federation, which helps support the growth of badminton in the country.

The Popularity of Badminton in Ecuador

Although badminton is not widely popular in Ecuador, Maria remains dedicated to her sport. She acknowledges a decline in participation over the years, especially among girls, but she continues to push forward, aiming to inspire others to join her on this badminton journey.

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Junior Pan Am Championships

Maria has also had the opportunity to compete in the Junior Pan Am Championships. While her journey in the tournament reached the quarterfinals, the experience itself was invaluable, providing her with valuable lessons and learnings.


How did Maria Delia Zambrano Solano get into badminton?

Maria was inspired to start playing badminton at the age of 10 when she saw her brothers playing the sport. Intrigued by their matches, she decided to give it a try and found her own passion for badminton.

What is Maria’s best achievement in badminton?

Maria’s most significant achievement in badminton was winning the silver medal in the South American championship held in Brazil in 2015. This accomplishment showcases her skill and dedication to the sport.

What are Maria’s short and medium-term goals as a badminton player?

Maria’s goals include continuous training to improve her game and her desire to compete in the Pan American Games. She aims to bring home a medal, further cementing her position as a talented badminton player.


Maria Delia Zambrano Solano, an accomplished badminton player from Guayaquil, Ecuador, has dedicated herself to the sport from a young age. With numerous tournaments under her belt and a silver medal from the South American championship, Maria’s journey showcases her commitment and talent. She aspires to compete in the Pan American Games and hopes to inspire others to embrace the sport. Beyond badminton, Maria is preparing to study medicine, demonstrating her determination to excel both on and off the court. Through her dedication and love for travel, she continues to make a name for herself in the world of badminton.

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