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Badminton Pan America

Name: Uriel Francisco Canjura.
City/Country: El Salvador.
Birth Date: 12/09/2000.
Specialty: Singles.

Uriel Francisco Canjura is a rising star in the world of badminton. Originally from El Salvador, Canjura began his journey in this sport at the age of 9 in his hometown of Suchitoto. His stepfather’s involvement in the federation played a significant role in introducing him to badminton. Despite starting as a soccer player, Canjura’s parents encouraged his interest in badminton by providing him with rackets, and he quickly fell in love with the sport.

At what age did you start in Badminton and how did you get into this sport?

“I started playing badminton in my town, Suchitoto, at 9 years old, since my stepfather started working on the federation. I used to play soccer but my parents, instead of giving me footballs, they gave me rackets, so I liked it.”

In how many tournaments have you participated and which have been your best results?

“I have participated in 15 international tournaments, and my best result was winning in Colombia last year.”

To how many countries has Badminton taken you?

“I think I have traveled to 11 countries through badminton.”

What anecdotes come to your mind when you remember your trips?

“During a trip back from Mexico, I encountered an unexpected hurdle when I couldn’t carry my racket on board. The lady at the airport explained the regulations, resulting in me missing my flight. It was quite an interesting experience.”

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What are your short and medium-term objectives as a Badminton player?

“My main goal is to win the Pan-American Junior Championships in Canada this year and establish myself as one of the best players in America at the Lima Games in 2019.”

Do you perform other activities in parallel to your career as an athlete, such as studies or work?

“For now, I have one more year of school left, after which I plan to pursue a degree in Administration at the university.”

How challenging is it to balance training and studying?

“It’s certainly challenging to find time for my homework and study for exams while also dedicating myself to training. Time management plays a crucial role in maintaining this balance.”

How do you maintain commitment and discipline in your life?

“I prioritize responsibility and create a schedule that allows me to juggle both training and studying. Dedication is also essential to ensure I don’t disappoint my parents with poor academic performance.”

What has Badminton given you?

“Badminton has opened doors for me to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures, and most importantly, make lifelong friends.”

What are your favorite hobbies?

“Besides badminton, I enjoy playing soccer and watching TV during my leisure time.”

Who was your first coach?

“My stepfather, Antonio, was my first coach and played a vital role in my early development in the sport.”

Which club do you represent?

“In El Salvador, there are no clubs for badminton players. Our representation is solely through the federation.”

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Is Badminton popular in your country?

“While badminton is not as popular as other sports in El Salvador, it is gradually gaining traction and expanding its reach.”

Have you ever played in the Junior Pan Am Championships?

“I have been participating in the Junior Pan Am Championships since the age of 10, and last year, I won the silver medal in the U17 category.”


Q: What age did Uriel Francisco Canjura start playing badminton? How did he get into the sport?
A: Uriel Francisco Canjura started playing badminton at the age of 9 in his hometown of Suchitoto, El Salvador. His stepfather’s involvement in the federation introduced him to the sport, and he quickly developed a passion for it.

Q: How many international tournaments has Uriel Francisco Canjura participated in, and what are his best results?
A: Uriel Francisco Canjura has participated in 15 international tournaments throughout his career. His best result so far was winning a tournament in Colombia last year.

Q: What are Uriel Francisco Canjura’s short and medium-term objectives as a badminton player?
A: Uriel Francisco Canjura’s main goals are to win the Pan-American Junior Championships in Canada this year and establish himself as one of the best players in America at the Lima Games in 2019.

Q: How does Uriel Francisco Canjura balance his athletic career with other activities such as studies?
A: Uriel Francisco Canjura currently has one more year of school remaining, after which he plans to pursue a degree in Administration at university. Balancing training and studying can be challenging, but he prioritizes responsibility and dedicates himself to managing his time effectively.

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Uriel Francisco Canjura, hailing from El Salvador, is a talented badminton player specializing in singles. Starting at the age of 9, Canjura’s journey in the sport began in his hometown, Suchitoto. Despite initially being a soccer player, his parents’ support and the provision of rackets sparked his interest in badminton. With 15 international tournaments under his belt, including a victory in Colombia, Canjura’s aspirations include winning the Pan-American Junior Championships and establishing himself as a prominent player in America. Balancing his athletic career with studies presents its challenges, but Canjura’s commitment, discipline, and time management skills help him navigate both worlds. Badminton has not only provided Canjura with travel opportunities but has also allowed him to experience different cultures and make meaningful connections.