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Badminton Pan America

When Jayci Simon was diagnosed with dwarfism at age seven, she faced a difficult challenge. However, she found solace in sports, which became her escape. Among the various sports she explored, badminton caught her attention.

Introduced to badminton in 2015 at a Little People of America event, Jayci was immediately captivated by the speed and agility of the shuttlecock. She began playing in her backyard and, remarkably, just three years later, she won the silver medal in women’s doubles at the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships 2018, her first international tournament.

Despite not having a permanent coach or a fixed training center, Jayci has achieved incredible success. She has earned multiple medals in the SH6 category and has climbed up to the 8th position in the world rankings for women’s doubles, partnering with Egyptian player Yasmina Eissa. In addition, she ranks 15th in women’s singles and 11th in mixed doubles with Miles Krajewski.

Reflecting on her journey, Jayci admits that she never expected to reach this level of success, but she is grateful for the opportunity to challenge herself. She has made the most of the resources available to her, always seeking to improve her skills.

Before her diagnosis, Jayci faced difficulties as her growth was stunted. The uncertainty surrounding her condition made it a challenging time for her and her family. However, the dwarfism diagnosis brought some relief, as it meant she could compete on a level playing field with other players of short stature.

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Throughout her sporting journey, Jayci’s mother, Amy, has been a constant support. She has accompanied Jayci to all her tournaments, witnessing her dedication to badminton and the joy it brings her.

Looking ahead, Jayci has her sights set on the Paralympics in Paris 2024. She sees it as the ultimate goal and believes that with hard work, anything is possible. Jayci has already tasted victory, winning the women’s doubles event with Eissa at the Brazil Para Badminton International 2023.

Next, Jayci will continue chasing her dreams at the upcoming Thailand Para Badminton International in Pattaya.


Q: How did Jayci Simon get introduced to badminton?

A: Jayci Simon was introduced to badminton at a Little People of America event in 2015.

Q: What achievements has Jayci Simon accomplished in badminton?

A: Jayci Simon has won multiple medals in the SH6 category, reaching the 8th position in the world rankings for women’s doubles and ranking 15th in women’s singles and 11th in mixed doubles.

Q: Does Jayci Simon have a permanent coach or training center?

A: No, Jayci Simon does not have a permanent coach or fixed training center. She has made do with the resources available to her and takes advantage of any opportunities that arise.


Jayci Simon’s journey in badminton is one of determination, resilience, and incredible achievements. Despite facing the challenges of dwarfism, she discovered her passion for the sport and pursued it with unwavering dedication. From playing in her backyard to winning medals at international tournaments, Jayci has proven that hard work and a love for the sport can lead to remarkable success. With her eyes set on the Paralympics in Paris 2024, she continues to chase her dreams, inspiring others with her story. Follow Jayci’s journey as she continues to make her mark in the world of badminton.

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