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Badminton Pan America

Name: Osleni Guerrero Velasco

City/Country: La Habana, Cuba.

Birth Date: 18/10/1989.

Specialty: Singles, doubles, and mixed.


Welcome to Badminton Pan America! In this article, we explore the journey of Osleni Guerrero Velasco, a talented badminton player from La Habana, Cuba. From his humble beginnings to his successes on the international stage, Osleni shares his experiences and aspirations in the world of badminton. Join us as we delve into his story and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of a professional badminton player.

At What Age Did Osleni Start Playing Badminton?

“I started playing when I was 8 years old because there was a coach in my school who chose me to play Badminton.”

Tournaments and Best Results

Osleni has participated in at least 40 tournaments throughout his career. Among his notable achievements are winning the gold medal in the Pan American Championships Toronto 2014, securing the silver medal in the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara 2011, and representing his country in the Olympic Games.

Traveling with Badminton

Badminton has taken Osleni to more than 30 countries, allowing him to experience different cultures and forge lifelong friendships along the way.

The Olympic Experience

Osleni describes his Olympic experience as nothing short of incredible. Rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s greatest athletes, such as Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, and Michael Phelps, was a dream come true for him.

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Memorable Anecdotes

Traveling often comes with unexpected adventures. Osleni shares a heartwarming story of missing a flight to Suriname, only to be rerouted and make it just in time for the birth of his daughter.

Short and Medium Term Objectives

As a dedicated badminton player, Osleni is constantly striving for improvement. His goal is to excel in every way possible, leaving no room for complacency.

Balancing Sports and Studies

While pursuing his badminton career, Osleni is also studying Sports Education. Juggling sports and academics poses its challenges, but Osleni remains committed to both.

Commitment and Discipline

Badminton has not only shaped Osleni as an athlete but also as a person. It has instilled in him values such as commitment, discipline, and the importance of being a role model for his daughter.

What Badminton Has Given Osleni

Badminton has opened doors for Osleni to explore the world, build lasting friendships, and immerse himself in diverse cultures.

Hobbies and Interests

When not on the court, Osleni enjoys watching action movies and spending quality time with his daughter.

Coaches and Representation

Luis Alberto Lara was the first coach who guided Osleni in his badminton journey. In Cuba, there are no clubs, but the Federation provides the necessary support to the players.

The Popularity of Badminton in Cuba

Since 2010, badminton has been gaining popularity in Cuba, thanks to the impressive results achieved by athletes like Osleni. The Federation’s efforts, along with the friendly and attractive environment, have contributed to the sport’s growth.

Junior Pan Am Championships

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Osleni proudly shares that he has participated and won the Junior Pan Am Championships twice, once in 2000 and another in 2007. These experiences have been pivotal in shaping his career and fueling his passion for badminton.


Q: What are Osleni’s notable achievements in badminton?

A: Some of Osleni’s notable achievements include winning the gold medal in the Pan American Championships Toronto 2014 and securing the silver medal in the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara 2011. He has also represented Cuba in the Olympic Games.

Q: How many countries has Osleni traveled to through badminton?

A: Osleni has traveled to more than 30 countries through badminton, allowing him to experience diverse cultures and build international connections.

Q: Does Osleni have any other activities alongside his badminton career?

A: Yes, Osleni is currently studying Sports Education, demonstrating his dedication to both academics and badminton.


Osleni Guerrero Velasco, a professional badminton player from Cuba, has made significant strides in the world of badminton. From representing his country in international tournaments to winning medals, Osleni’s journey is one of passion, dedication, and perseverance. As he continues to excel in his sport while pursuing his studies, Osleni remains committed to being a role model for his daughter and finding happiness in the sport that has given him so much.

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