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Badminton Pan America

Athletes from 22 countries in our region will gather in Lima, Peru for the XVIII Pan American Games in 2019. In this highly anticipated badminton competition, national teams have sent their top players to represent them and vie for the prestigious Pan-American titles. Defending champions, Kevin Cordon and Michelle Li, will be back to defend their crowns in the Singles category. Meanwhile, Phillip Chew and Paula Lynn Obanana, previous champions in the Doubles category, will team up with new partners to strive for the medals once again.

The Pan Am champions of 2019, including Osleni Guerrero, Michelle Li, Rachel Honderich, Kristen Tsai, Nyl Yakura, Jason Ho-Shue, Joshua Hurlburth-Yu, and Josephine Wu, will enter the tournament as favorites. However, they will face tough competition from the best players in the region.

Returning to the competition, medalists from previous editions such as Osleni Guerrero, Howard Shu, Nelson Javier, William Cabrera, and Iris Wang, will aim to improve their previous performances and change the color of their medals. With their experience and determination, they will certainly be ones to watch.

The number of slots allocated to each country has been updated, demonstrating the growth and popularity of the sport across the region. Several countries, including Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, and Venezuela, will be well-represented in this exciting competition.

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For more details on the tournament, please check the official [link](tournament link).


Q: How many countries are participating in the Badminton Pan America competition?
A: A total of 22 countries will be competing in the Badminton Pan America tournament.

Q: Who are the defending champions in the Singles category?
A: Kevin Cordon and Michelle Li are the defending champions in the Singles category.

Q: Are there any previous medalists returning to compete in the tournament?
A: Yes, several medalists from previous editions will be returning to compete and aim for better performances and different medal colors.


The Badminton Pan America competition is set to be a thrilling event, bringing together top badminton players from 22 countries. Defending champions Kevin Cordon and Michelle Li will strive to retain their titles in the Singles category, while previous champions Phillip Chew and Paula Lynn Obanana will attempt to secure medals with new partners in the Doubles category. With formidable competitors like Osleni Guerrero, Rachel Honderich, and Howard Shu, the tournament promises intense matches and fierce competition. Fans of the sport can look forward to witnessing the talent and skill of these athletes in Lima, Peru. For more information, visit the official tournament link.