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Lauren Lam: A Rising Star in the World of Badminton

Not your typical journey from junior to senior level, 16-year-old left-hander Lauren Lam has chosen to dive headfirst into the competitive world of badminton. With a determination to excel, Lam believes that facing top-level opponents from the beginning will give her the edge she needs to succeed. This unconventional path has led her to give up traditional schooling in favor of online lessons, allowing her to dedicate more time to her training as a professional badminton player.

Skipping the World Junior Championships, Lam made a deliberate decision to sharpen her skills by competing against higher-quality opponents. She explains, “When I play older players, I tend to build more confidence. Playing in bigger tournaments relieves me of pressure and allows me to enjoy the game more.” Lam’s parents have been supportive of her dreams, providing the necessary resources for her to pursue a career in badminton.

Despite her young age, Lam has already achieved notable milestones in her career. With victories at the Pan Am Junior Championships in 2017, Lam realized the value of competing at higher levels. Instead of staying in the junior circuit, she started playing in main draws of prestigious tournaments around the world. While she has faced initial defeats, Lam believes that these experiences will accelerate her growth as a player.

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Guided by the inspiring Beiwen Zhang and Michelle Li, Lam looks up to their accomplishments and appreciates their support. She also draws inspiration from top players like Kento Momota, Lin Dan, and Tai Tzu Ying. Lam’s passion for badminton is evident in her emotional celebrations and the joy she experiences when beating older opponents.

Lam’s journey is just beginning, and she is determined to continue gaining valuable experience in the world of badminton. With her talent, dedication, and unwavering support from her parents, Lauren Lam is a rising star to watch out for in the world of badminton.


Q: How old is Lauren Lam?

A: Lauren Lam is currently 16 years old.

Q: What has Lauren Lam achieved in her career so far?

A: Despite her young age, Lauren Lam has already won the Pan Am Junior Championships in 2017 and has competed in main draws of prestigious tournaments around the world.

Q: Who are Lauren Lam’s role models in badminton?

A: Lauren Lam looks up to players like Beiwen Zhang, Michelle Li, Kento Momota, Lin Dan, and Tai Tzu Ying.

Q: Why did Lauren Lam choose to skip the World Junior Championships?

A: Lauren Lam made a conscious decision to skip the World Junior Championships in order to focus on training and compete against higher-quality opponents.

Q: How does Lauren Lam balance her education and badminton training?

A: Lauren Lam has opted for online schooling, which provides her with a flexible schedule that allows her to continue her education while traveling for tournaments.

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