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Badminton Pan America

Born and raised in Victoria, Araucanía region, Chile, I have always had a passion for sports. Thanks to my grandparents, who were PE teachers, I had the opportunity to participate in various sports and witness exciting competitions. As a child, I would frequently watch games in our city and eagerly follow major events like World Championships and Olympic Games, dreaming of one day taking part in similar prestigious events myself.

My journey with badminton began in 2008 during a PE class. I was immediately captivated by the uniqueness of the sport, particularly the shuttlecock’s aerial gameplay that set it apart from other sports where the ball is bounced on the ground. When I entered university in 2011, I actively sought opportunities to learn and practice badminton. I started specializing as a line judge and later became an umpire. Additionally, I began my coaching career in 2012 with the Victoria Sports Club, continuously learning and falling deeper in love with the sport.

As I progressed in my badminton journey, I focused on Para badminton, supporting the team until the Lima 2019 ParaPan American Games. I also had the privilege of supporting and attending South American tournaments with the abled team since 2018. Currently, I hold the position of National Development Coordinator of Shuttle Time at the Chilean Badminton Federation, while also working as a private coach in Victoria.

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Throughout my experiences as a judge and coach, the Youth Games 2017 and the Parapan American Games hold a special place in my heart. I will always remember the unwavering support of Don José Muñoz and the resilience of Constancio Cancino.

To me, badminton represents the realization of dreams. I am living the dreams I once had as a child, competing at the international level alongside children who share the same aspirations. It is an indescribable feeling, a lifelong commitment to the sport that was instilled in me from a young age by my grandparents.

In the Araucanía region, the Shuttle Time program has made significant strides this year. We have implemented workshops targeting children aged 6 to 12, aiming to cultivate healthy habits and ultimately expand the pool of national athletes. The key takeaway from this program is that Shuttle Time Teachers have the power to effect change and shape the lives of children and families.


Q: How did you first discover badminton?
A: I first encountered badminton during a PE class in 2008, where I was immediately struck by the unique gameplay that involved the shuttlecock being hit in the air without bouncing on the ground.

Q: What are your most memorable badminton moments?
A: As a judge, the Youth Games 2017 stands out in my memory, and as a coach, the Parapan American Games was a particularly meaningful experience.


In this article, I shared my personal journey and passion for badminton. Growing up in Chile, I developed a deep love for sports, thanks to my grandparents who were PE teachers. I discovered badminton during a PE class and was captivated by its unique gameplay. Over the years, I pursued various roles in the sport, including becoming a line judge, umpire, and coach.

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My involvement in badminton has granted me incredible opportunities, such as supporting the team in Para badminton and attending South American tournaments. I now hold positions at the Chilean Badminton Federation, where I contribute to the development of young athletes through the Shuttle Time program.

Lastly, I highlighted the impact of Shuttle Time on the Araucanía region, emphasizing the importance of teachers as agents of change in children’s lives. Badminton, to me, represents the fulfillment of dreams and the chance to inspire future generations in the sport.

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