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Badminton Pan America

Pan Am players are set to compete at the TOTAL BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2019, taking place in Basel, Switzerland from August 20 to 25. This prestigious event brings together athletes from various countries, including Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Peru, and the United States.

Among the top contenders is Giuliana Poveda from Peru, currently ranked number one in the world in the SS6 category. Poveda is aiming to secure the crown in the Singles event, but she will face tough competition from defending champion Rachel Choong. Poveda is also teaming up with Katherine Valli from the USA for the Doubles event, hoping to claim the gold.

Another standout athlete is Vitor Tavares from Brazil, who will be competing in the SS6 category. Tavares will be vying for the Singles title and will also participate in the Doubles event alongside Miles Krajewski from the USA. Additionally, Tavares will team up with Ruby Fernandez from Peru for the Mixed Doubles event.

Pilar Jauregui from Peru, the Pan Am Champion in the WH2 category, is determined to reach the podium. Seeded fifth, Jauregui will showcase her best performance in both Singles and Doubles events.

Canadian players Yuka Choyku and Pascal Lapointe are also worth watching. Choyku will aim for the podium in the Singles event in the WH1 category, as well as the Doubles event with Jauregui. Lapointe, on the other hand, will compete in the Singles event in the SL4 category and team up with Olivia Meier from Canada for the Mixed Doubles event in the SL3-SU5 category.

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In the Doubles event in the WH1-WH2 category, the Brazilian duo Marcelo Alves and Julio Cesar Godoy will strive for gold. As the Pan Am Champions of 2018, they will also compete in the Singles event, with Alves participating in the WH1 category and Godoy in the WH2 category.

Representing Colombia, Jean Paul Ortiz will compete in the SU5 category, aiming to showcase his best game and bring home a medal for his country. Cintya Oliveira from Brazil, seeded third in the SU5 category, will be seeking her first medal in the World Championships. Oliveira will participate in the Singles event, the Doubles event with Abinaecia Da Silva, and the Mixed Doubles event with Leonardo Zuffo.

Here is a breakdown of the players per country:

  • Brazil: Marcelo Alves, Abinaecia Da Silva, Geraldo Oliveira, Maria Gilda Dos Santos, Julio Cesar Godoy, Vitor Tavares, Auricelia Freitas, Cintya Oliveira, Eduardo Oliveira, Adriane Spinetti, Dhiego Guimares, Rogeiro De Oliveira, and Leonardo Zuffo.
  • Canada: Mikhail Bilenki, Yuka Chokyu, Bernard Lapointe, Pascal Lapointe, Tristan Lelievre, Zachary Lelievre, Wyatt Lightfoot, Olivia Meier, Richard Peter, and William Roussy.
  • Colombia: Jean Paul Ortiz.
  • Peru: Ruby Fernandez, Pilar Jauregui, and Giuliana Poveda.
  • United States: Richard Alcaraz, Colleen Gioffreda, Ryan Gioffreda, Miles Krajewski, Dawson McClure, Jake Pretuzelli, Jayci Simon, and Katherine Valli.

The TOTAL BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2019 will run concurrently with the Badminton World Championships 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, showcasing the best players from around the globe.

Photo Credit: BPAC | SN