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Badminton Pan America

The growth of badminton in Brazil has not only brought about an increase in players but has also seen a rise in the development of coaches. Norma Rodrigues, a coach for the youth team, is a clear example of this growth and passion for badminton in our region.

Norma’s journey in the sport began over 10 years ago, and ever since she discovered badminton, she has been driven by her passion and the belief that she can go far in this sport.

“I started in 2008, taking a course in Mexico. The moment I laid my eyes on badminton, I was captivated. I immediately recognized its potential for my country and for myself, both as a career and as personal growth. The first course, which was organized by Pan Am, only further fueled my love for badminton. Over the past 10 years, I have continued to learn and discover new ways of doing things. It’s not just about creating champions, but also about nurturing individuals and helping them find joy in what they do.”

Recently, Norma had the opportunity to participate in the BWF Pilot Course for Coaches Level 3. This course provided her with a fresh perspective on her role as a coach.

“As a coach, this course presented an intriguing challenge for me. It’s designed to transform our training methods and mindset, which ultimately leads to a change in the way we approach our work, both professionally and personally. This shift in thinking not only enhances the quality of our work but also has a positive impact on all areas of badminton, not just in Brazil but throughout the Americas.”

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Norma has also been able to exchange experiences with other coaches in the region. Through analyzing different realities, she is determined to continue investing in the training and ongoing development of coaches across the continent.

“Our focus should be on keeping coaches motivated. Motivation is crucial, and it stems from courses and experiences organized by Pan Am and BWF. We need to work together to build knowledge rather than simply replicating what others have done.”

As a coach, Norma understands that her role extends beyond training talented athletes. She is committed to professionalizing the coaching aspect of our sport and making a valuable contribution to its development.

“My goal is to have more individuals working with excellence in badminton, both as coaches and athletes. With a strong foundation, we can cultivate a stronger elite level. However, this requires hard work. It’s not just about the athletes; it’s primarily about the coaches who lead the process. My aim, in collaboration with the Brazil Badminton Federation and the Olympic Committee, is to inspire coaches to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new ideas, and collaborate closely with the athletes.”


Q: How long has Norma Rodrigues been involved in badminton?
A: Norma started her journey in badminton over 10 years ago.

Q: What is the BWF Pilot Course for Coaches Level 3?
A: The BWF Pilot Course for Coaches Level 3 is a program that provides coaches with a fresh perspective and aims to transform their training methods and mindset.


In this article, we explored the growth of badminton in Brazil and the significant role played by coaches like Norma Rodrigues. Norma’s passion for the sport and her belief in its potential has driven her to become an accomplished coach. Her participation in the BWF Pilot Course for Coaches Level 3 has further enhanced her understanding and approach to coaching. Norma emphasizes the importance of nurturing coaches and exchanging experiences to promote the continuous development of badminton across the Americas. Her ultimate goal is to professionalize coaching in badminton, leading to the excellence of both coaches and athletes. Join us in building a strong foundation for the sport and fostering a thriving badminton community.

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