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Name: Angel Ielpo | Country: Argentina | Category: SS6

Angel Ielpo, a promising Para-Badminton player from Argentina, shares his inspiring journey in this interview. Discover how he discovered the sport, his objectives, and his thoughts on the development of Para-Badminton in the region.

Getting Started in Para-Badminton

Angel Ielpo began his Para-Badminton journey just eight months ago. Hailing from Entre Ríos, Argentina, Angel was initially involved in soccer. However, a teammate convinced him to give badminton a try. Intrigued by the prospect of a new sport, Angel agreed to join if they could find a coach in his city. Fate intervened, and Angel was introduced to his coach, marking the beginning of his badminton career.

Objectives and Dreams

Angel’s short-term and medium-term objectives revolve around continuous improvement. He aims to adapt to the challenges of upcoming tournaments and hopes that Argentina will have representation in the next Para-Pan American Games. For Angel, the opportunity to participate would be a tremendous honor and a testament to his dedication and progress in the sport.

Para-Badminton Development in the Region

Angel acknowledges the high level of competition in the region. Despite being relatively new to the sport, he feels comfortable competing alongside experienced players. Countries like the United States and Brazil boast exceptional talent, and Angel appreciates the increasing number of athletes joining the sport each year. This growth further contributes to the overall development and competitiveness of Para-Badminton in the region.

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The Growth of Para-Badminton in Argentina

Para-Badminton is still in the early stages of development in Argentina. However, Angel and his fellow athletes are actively working towards its growth and widespread recognition. By laying the foundation in their province, they hope to inspire other provinces to embrace Para-Badminton and experience its unique benefits.

An Invitation to Discover Para-Badminton

To those who are unfamiliar with Para-Badminton, Angel extends an invitation to try the sport. From the outside, it may seem dull, but once you engage with it, your perception will change. The sport allows you to channel your inner energy and showcase your skills on the court. Angel encourages everyone to join and assures them that they won’t regret it.


Q: How long has Angel been playing Para-Badminton?

A: Angel started playing Para-Badminton just eight months ago.

Q: What are Angel’s short and medium-term objectives?

A: Angel aims to improve continuously and adapt to upcoming tournaments. He also dreams of representing Argentina in the next Para-Pan American Games.

Q: How is the development of Para-Badminton in Argentina?

A: Para-Badminton is still in its early stages of development in Argentina. Efforts are underway to expand its reach and awareness in different provinces.


In this enlightening interview, Angel Ielpo, a Para-Badminton player from Argentina, shares his remarkable journey in the sport. Despite his relatively short time in the game, Angel demonstrates a passion for improvement and an ambition to compete at the highest level. He also recognizes the growth and competitiveness of Para-Badminton in the region, with countries like the United States and Brazil leading the way. Angel’s invitation to discover the sport for oneself serves as a testament to the exhilaration and satisfaction Para-Badminton offers. So why not give this exciting sport a try and experience its unique energy on the court?

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