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Badminton Pan America

Badminton is a sport that continues to gain momentum in the Pan American region, thanks to the dedicated efforts of coaches like Anderson Andres from Brazil. Anderson’s passion for the sport has led him to introduce badminton to children and young people in his city, where he recognized the numerous benefits it offers.

Anderson’s journey with badminton began about 7 years ago when he took on the responsibility of teaching the sport in his city, despite having limited knowledge about it. He started by conducting courses and gradually expanded his understanding of the game while sharing his newfound knowledge with his students.

“When I first started with badminton, I didn’t know much about it. There was a foundation in my city that had the necessary equipment for badminton, but there was no one to teach. I decided to investigate and learn more about the sport, and I found that the children really enjoyed the classes. As I continued teaching, my knowledge grew, and the children became more enthusiastic. After a year, we had 100 children practicing badminton in my city,” Anderson shares.

Over time, Anderson’s dedication and commitment to badminton paid off. He not only expanded his knowledge of the sport but also achieved unexpected goals and witnessed success with his students.

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“When I started, I didn’t have many aspirations. I began working directly without many dreams. However, along the way, I achieved things I never expected, such as having athletes in the national and international tournaments. We formed a strong team. Now, my dream is to develop a highly competitive team of high-performance athletes,” says Anderson.

To further enhance his coaching abilities, Anderson participated in a level 3 coaching course held in the region last year. This course provided him with the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in America and exchange valuable experiences with fellow coaches.

“The coaching course was an incredible opportunity for me. I never imagined being part of a course with such renowned coaches and having the chance to learn from them. It broadened my perspective as a coach and introduced me to new teaching methods and approaches. I now feel more empowered to implement innovative training techniques for my athletes,” Anderson explains.

While there are still many individuals in Brazil and the Pan American region who are unfamiliar with badminton, Anderson has a clear message for them. He emphasizes the value of badminton and the positive impact it can have on individuals and the continent as a whole.

“I would encourage coaches to explore and teach badminton. It brings immense personal fulfillment. Badminton is an accessible sport for children and young people, and they genuinely enjoy it. Therefore, it is important to promote and spread awareness about badminton as it truly is a sport worth knowing and practicing,” Anderson passionately states.

By sharing his own experiences and highlighting the benefits of badminton, Anderson hopes to inspire more individuals to embrace the sport and contribute to its growth in the region.

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Q: What inspired Anderson to start teaching badminton?
A: Anderson’s decision to teach badminton arose from the need to have a badminton teacher in his city. Despite his initial lack of knowledge about the sport, he took the initiative to learn more and share his passion with the children in his community.

Q: How did Anderson’s coaching skills improve?
A: Anderson’s coaching skills improved through experience, self-learning, and participation in a level 3 coaching course. This course allowed him to interact with renowned coaches from across the continent and gain valuable insights to benefit his coaching journey.

Q: What message does Anderson have for those who are unfamiliar with badminton?
A: Anderson emphasizes that badminton is a sport that is worth exploring and promoting. He believes in the personal fulfillment it brings and its accessibility for children and young people. Anderson encourages coaches to introduce badminton to their communities, highlighting the joy and benefits it can offer.


Badminton in the Pan American region is experiencing growth and popularity, thanks to passionate coaches like Anderson Andres from Brazil. Anderson’s journey with badminton began with a desire to fill the void of a badminton teacher in his city. Despite starting with limited knowledge, he gradually learned and shared more about the sport, and the response from the children was overwhelmingly positive. Over time, Anderson honed his coaching skills, achieved unexpected success, and expanded his vision for the sport. He also participated in a coaching course that broadened his perspective and equipped him with new teaching methods. Anderson’s message to those unfamiliar with badminton is clear – it is a sport worth knowing and practicing, offering personal fulfillment and enjoyment for children and young people.

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