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Lauren Lam: Breaking Conventions and Rising to the Top

At just 16 years old, Lauren Lam from the USA is defying the traditional path to success in badminton. Rather than starting at the junior level, Lam has jumped straight into the senior circuit, confident that competing against top-level players will accelerate her progress. She has made significant sacrifices to pursue her dream, including giving up conventional school in favor of online lessons to dedicate more time to her training.

Lam’s unconventional approach is paying off. Despite her young age, she has already qualified for the main draw of prestigious tournaments like the YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2019. While she may not have a long history on the junior circuit, Lam consciously made the decision to skip specific competitions to focus on honing her skills against higher-quality opponents.

“I tend to build more confidence when I play older players,” Lam explains. “Playing in higher-level tournaments removes the pressure, and I can approach the game with a sense of freedom. It’s when I play bigger tournaments that I truly feel happier.”

The decision to forego traditional schooling was a significant one for Lam and her family. Her parents have been supportive of her ambitions, providing the necessary resources for her badminton journey. Lam is grateful for their support, saying, “My mom and dad pay for everything, so when I go to a tournament, I give it my all. This year, I made a tough decision to pursue online schooling. It wasn’t easy, but I wanted to chase my dreams. I study online while I’m traveling.”

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Lam’s victory at the Pan Am Junior Championships in 2017 solidified her belief in competing at higher-level tournaments. She knew that to reach her full potential, she needed to challenge herself against adult players. Throughout 2018 and beyond, Lam pushed herself to participate in main draws of various international tournaments, gaining invaluable experience along the way.

Her journey has been guided by the inspiration of two Pan Am players she greatly admires: Beiwen Zhang and Michelle Li. Lam considers Zhang a significant influence in her life, appreciating her willingness to train together. Li, on the other hand, has been a source of motivation and a role model with her easy-going personality. Lam also looks up to players like Kento Momota, Lin Dan, and Tai Tzu Ying for their game styles.

One particularly notable achievement for Lam was winning her qualifying round match and entering the main draw of a Super 500 tournament. Her emotional celebration showcased her passion and determination. Lam acknowledges the nerves that come with competing against older opponents but finds joy in surpassing expectations at such a young age.

Looking ahead, Lam’s focus is on gaining invaluable experience as she continues to challenge herself in high-level competitions. Her ambition and dedication to the sport are evident, and with the support of her family and the guidance of experienced players, she is poised to make a significant impact in the world of badminton.


Q: How old is Lauren Lam?
A: Lauren Lam is just 16 years old, but she is already competing in senior-level badminton tournaments.

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Q: What made Lauren Lam decide to skip junior-level competitions?
A: Lauren Lam made a conscious decision to skip certain junior-level tournaments to focus on playing against higher-quality opponents. She believed that challenging herself against older players would build her confidence and accelerate her development.

Q: How does Lauren Lam balance her education and training?
A: Lauren Lam has chosen to pursue online schooling to have a more flexible schedule that accommodates her rigorous training and competition commitments. This allows her to continue her education while traveling for tournaments.

Q: Who are the players that Lauren Lam looks up to?
A: Lauren Lam draws inspiration from players like Beiwen Zhang, Michelle Li, Kento Momota, Lin Dan, and Tai Tzu Ying. Their game styles and achievements serve as motivation for her own journey in badminton.


Lauren Lam, a talented 16-year-old badminton player from the USA, has taken an unconventional route to success in the sport. She has bypassed the junior circuit, opting to compete against highly skilled senior players to accelerate her progress. Lam’s dedication to training and sacrifices, such as switching to online schooling, are testament to her commitment to becoming a professional badminton player. Despite her young age, she has already qualified for prestigious international tournaments and has gained invaluable experience along the way. With the guidance of role models and her unwavering passion, Lam is poised to make a significant impact in the world of badminton.

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