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Badminton Pan America: Celebrating a Legacy of Dedication and Growth

At the end of 2019, Pilar Carrillo, former Chief Operating Officer of Badminton Pan Am Confederation, retired from operational work, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of effort, sacrifice, and love for the sport. As we celebrate Pan Am Women’s Month, it is only fitting to recognize and honor the contributions of this extraordinary individual.

Pilar’s journey with badminton began in 2003 when she first became involved with the Pan Am Games and the Pan American Adult and Junior Championships. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in organizing Para Badminton tournaments and the World Junior Championships, leaving a lasting impact on each event and building a network of valuable connections.

Reflecting on her career, Pilar expressed gratitude for the positive experiences and opportunities that badminton brought her. She treasured the relationships she formed with countless individuals, which have been the most enriching aspect of her professional journey.

Under Pilar’s guidance, the Badminton Pan American Confederation has flourished. With 37 affiliated Associations, the confederation has expanded its reach and impact, collaborating with various countries and providing support to associations in need, particularly in Haiti and the French-speaking islands. The success achieved can be attributed to the collective effort and dedication of the entire team involved.

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While acknowledging the growth, Pilar believes there is always room for improvement. She aspires to enhance the presentation platforms of tournaments and overcome common limitations faced by associations. Pilar’s vision for the future is one of creativity, resilience, and teamwork.

Beyond the professional accomplishments, Pilar found immense value in the personal connections forged through badminton. The friendships and camaraderie formed over the years have been a source of inspiration and growth for her. She considers herself fortunate to have received advice, examples, and guidance from remarkable individuals who have contributed to her personal development.

However, the journey has not been without its challenges. Pilar candidly shares that balancing work and family has been difficult. As a passionate individual, she often found it hard to leave her work at the office, impacting her interactions with loved ones. Nevertheless, she takes pride in the educational influence of sports on her children and grandchildren, instilling in them the values she holds dear.

Throughout her tenure with the Pan Am Confederation, Pilar encountered various obstacles and faced tough moments. From taking charge of the control desk during the Pan American Games in Rio 2007 with limited knowledge of the program to dealing with unexpected venue changes due to unforeseen circumstances, she handled each situation with determination and grace.

Pilar acknowledges the need for more women in leadership positions within the sport. She hopes to see greater representation and involvement of women across different activities and roles within badminton.

With years of experience and expertise, Pilar now serves as an authority figure, offering valuable advice to those looking to engage with badminton. Her journey, starting as a volunteer and eventually becoming COO, provides her with a unique perspective and sets the stage for her guidance. She encourages individuals to embrace positivity, creativity, and persistence in the face of obstacles. Pilar believes that badminton holds immense potential for personal and professional growth, and it is the responsibility of those involved in the sport to inspire and strengthen the community.

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Q: What role did Pilar Carrillo play in the development of badminton in the Pan American region?

A: Pilar Carrillo served as the Chief Operating Officer of Badminton Pan Am Confederation and played a crucial role in organizing various badminton tournaments and championships in the Pan American region. She was involved in the Pan Am Games, Pan American Adult and Junior Championships, Para Badminton tournaments, and the World Junior Championships. Her dedication and efforts contributed to the success and growth of badminton in the region.

Q: How has the Badminton Pan American Confederation evolved under Pilar Carrillo’s leadership?

A: Under Pilar Carrillo’s leadership, the Badminton Pan American Confederation has experienced significant growth and development. The confederation now has 37 affiliated Associations, with only 5 being inactive. Pilar has provided guidance and support to each association, helping them consolidate their presence and operations. The confederation has also made strides in various areas, thanks to the collective effort and teamwork fostered during Pilar’s tenure.

Q: What are Pilar Carrillo’s thoughts on the future of badminton in the Pan American region?

A: Pilar Carrillo believes that there is immense potential for the future of badminton in the Pan American region. She emphasizes the need for better presentation platforms for tournaments and encourages associations to be creative and innovative in overcoming common limitations. Pilar envisions a future where badminton continues to open doors in various professional and technical fields, creating a solid and supportive community.


Pilar Carrillo’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable journey filled with dedication, growth, and love for badminton. Throughout her tenure as the Chief Operating Officer of the Badminton Pan Am Confederation, Pilar’s contributions have had a lasting impact on the sport in the Pan American region. She played a pivotal role in organizing tournaments and championships, fostering strong relationships, and supporting associations in need. Despite the challenges she faced, Pilar’s unwavering passion and commitment have propelled badminton forward. As we celebrate her achievements, we look to the future with optimism, hoping to build upon the foundation she has laid and continue to strengthen the badminton community. Join us on Carnegiecentre to stay updated and be part of the journey!

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