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Badminton Pan America

Giuliana, a Para-Badminton athlete and runner-up at the World Championships, has made remarkable achievements in the sport within just two years. Her success goes beyond the field, as she has found joy, learning, and personal growth through badminton. In this article, we will explore Giuliana’s journey, her dedication, and the impact of badminton in her life.

Discovering a Passion

Giuliana, a sports enthusiast, initially pursued volleyball for several years. However, due to inconsistent training attendance from other team members, she was unable to advance in the sport. Then, an opportunity arose when the president of the Short Stature Federation in Peru invited her to try badminton. Intrigued, Giuliana quickly fell in love with the sport, despite her initial difficulties in handling the shuttlecock. Her previous experience in volleyball proved to be an advantage, aiding her in improving her technique and performance.

A Journey of Triumphs

Over the past two years, Giuliana has participated in numerous national and international tournaments, including the World Dwarf Games 2017 and the 2017 Parabadminton World Championships in Ulsan, Korea. Her most significant achievement to date is winning the silver medal at the World Para-Badminton Championships in Korea, where she competed against the best athletes and gained invaluable experience. Giuliana takes pride in representing her country and cherishes the memories and friendships she has formed while traveling to different countries for tournaments.

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Balancing Sports and Life

Despite the demanding schedule of training and competitions, Giuliana manages to balance her passion for badminton with other activities. In addition to being part of the Peruvian Para-Badminton team, she is preparing to enter the university, studying English, playing volleyball, and even learning to play the guitar. Juggling these commitments has not been easy, as she had to temporarily pause her English classes to accommodate travel for tournaments. Nonetheless, with the support of her friends, teachers, and family, Giuliana has overcome these challenges and excelled in her studies and training.

Striving for Excellence

Giuliana’s dedication and hard work have paid off, making her the top-ranked player in the region. However, she is not content with regional success alone. Her sights are set on becoming the number one player in the world. Giuliana firmly believes in her abilities and draws strength from her faith, confident that she can achieve her goals with perseverance and dedication.

A Message of Inspiration

Giuliana’s story is one of determination, constant improvement, and an unwavering belief in oneself. She wants to share a powerful message with everyone: “Nothing is impossible in life. If you set your mind to it and put in the effort, you can achieve anything.” Giuliana’s journey continues as she embarks on international tournaments in Spain, Brazil, and Peru, showcasing her skills and striving to be the best in the Pan Am Para-Badminton community.


Q: How long has Giuliana been playing badminton?
A: Giuliana has been playing badminton for a little over two years.

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Q: What is Giuliana’s most significant achievement in badminton?
A: Giuliana’s most significant achievement is winning the silver medal at the World Para-Badminton Championships in Korea.

Q: How does Giuliana balance her sports and personal life?
A: Giuliana manages her training and competitions alongside her studies, volleyball, and learning to play the guitar. It has been a challenging task, but with the support of her friends, teachers, and family, she has successfully juggled her commitments.


Giuliana’s journey in the world of Para-Badminton is a testament to her unwavering determination and the transformative power of sports. Within a short span of two years, she has achieved remarkable success, both on and off the field. Giuliana’s story serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with passion, dedication, and the right support, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. As she continues to compete at international tournaments, Giuliana aims to leave a lasting impact on the Pan Am Para-Badminton community and motivate others to pursue their dreams.