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Badminton Pan America

Bronze medalist at the 2023 Pan Am Games, Taymara Oropesa from Cuba is currently experiencing one of the most remarkable stages of her sporting career, with her sights set on qualifying for the Olympic Games. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Badminton Pan Am is highlighting various women from the region throughout the month of March, showcasing their experiences for inspiration within the entire Pan American family.

Taymara’s Journey in Badminton

At the age of 14, Taymara transitioned from tennis to badminton, discovering a sport that ignited her passion and led to great achievements in her life. She shares, “I started at the age of 14. I used to practice tennis, but I changed because the sun was hurting my skin. When I learned about and played badminton for the first time, I loved it and that’s where I stayed.”

Experiences and Achievements

Badminton has provided Taymara with countless experiences, including representing her country, embracing different cultures, and attaining remarkable results. She expresses, “The best thing that sport has given me has been living the experience of competing in multidisciplinary games. It has also given me the opportunity to meet many good people along the way, taught me valuable life lessons, and above all, it has taught me to always fight for my dreams and never give up.”

Pursuit of Olympic Dreams

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Taymara’s ultimate objective is to secure a place in the Olympic Games, a goal she is relentlessly pursuing through various competitions. She emphasizes, “My fundamental objective is to be able to qualify for the Olympic Games, that is one of my dreams.”

Overcoming Challenges

Though the journey is not always smooth, Taymara has demonstrated her resilience in overcoming difficulties in her sports career. She shares, “I have faced several problems in my sports career, such as when I left the national team in 2019, but I rejoined in 2023. I was out of the sport for almost four years, but I came back even stronger this time.”

Encouragement for Dreamers

Drawing from her experiences on and off the courts, Taymara offers an encouraging message to individuals persistently striving to achieve their dreams, saying, “The message I would give is simple: if your dreams are big, it is because your ability to achieve them is also big. So, keep fighting until you reach your goal. Along the way, you will learn many things and you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your best. Above all, enjoy the process.”


Q: How old was Taymara when she started playing badminton?

A: Taymara began training in badminton at the age of 14 after transitioning from tennis.

Q: What is Taymara’s main objective?

A: Taymara’s primary goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games.


Taymara Oropesa, a bronze medalist at the 2023 Pan Am Games, is an exceptional athlete with an unwavering passion for badminton. She aims to qualify for the Olympic Games and has overcome numerous challenges throughout her sporting career. Taymara’s message of perseverance and enjoying the process serves as an inspiration to all individuals striving to achieve their dreams. To stay updated on Taymara’s journey and support her, visit the official website of Badminton Pan America.

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