Thursday, 23 May 2024

BWF News: Badminton’s Success at the Rio Olympics and Integrity Campaign Highlighted at BWF Member’s Forum

The annual BWF Member’s Forum held in Gold Coast, Australia, featured a review of badminton’s remarkable performance at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, an update on the BWF Integrity Campaign, and a discussion on Australia’s beach culture. Despite the challenges of a different time zone and relative unfamiliarity with the sport, BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund assured delegates from 145 member associations that badminton had performed “safely above average” in Rio, pointing to key performance indicators. Strategic choices, such as scheduling finals in the morning to suit Asian markets, contributed to the sport’s success.

Lund also emphasized the importance of television as the primary media for events like the Olympics and highlighted the growing presence of badminton in the digital media space. He expressed the need for further improvement in this area.

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