Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

China’s Surprise Victory in Women’s Doubles at the Djarum Indonesia Open Superseries Premier

China’s dominance in Women’s Doubles continues to impress as Bao Yixin and Cheng Shu secured a surprising triumph in the final of the Djarum Indonesia Open Superseries Premier. Their victory against their experienced teammates, Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli, adds to their impressive maiden title collection. The match, which lasted an hour and three minutes, showcased the determination and skill of Bao and Cheng.

The road to the final was not an easy one for Bao and Cheng, as they faced formidable opponents along the way. Notably, they defeated Olympic champions Zhao Yunlei and Tian Qing in the semi-finals. The match against Yu and Wang proved to be a challenging one, with both pairs giving it their all. Despite losing the first game, Bao and Cheng remained composed and continued to play their best.

Cheng’s height advantage played a significant role in their victory, as she used it to great effect. The underdogs kept their nerves in check and clinched the second and third games, forcing their senior opponents to make uncharacteristic errors. Reflecting on their victory, Cheng expressed their focus on reducing errors and playing well, rather than worrying about losing the first game.

While their win is undoubtedly a significant achievement, Bao and Cheng recognized the strength of all the Women’s Doubles pairs, emphasizing that any of them can come out on top in future competitions. They expressed gratitude to the passionate fans for their unwavering support.

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In other matches, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan delighted the home crowd with a victory in the Men’s Doubles category. Lee Chong Wei’s dominant performance earned him his 32nd Superseries title in the Men’s Singles final, while Li Xuerui emerged victorious in the hard-fought Women’s Singles final. China’s Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei triumphed over Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen in an intense battle for the Mixed Doubles crown.

Overall, the Djarum Indonesia Open Superseries Premier showcased exceptional badminton skills and thrilling matches. The players’ determination, skill, and resilience made for an unforgettable tournament. To stay updated with the latest badminton news and events, visit