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Optimizing the Conditions for Badminton’s Key Stakeholders

In recent years, the sport of badminton has experienced rapid growth, leading the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to take proactive steps in ensuring the sport’s continued relevance on the global stage. With a focus on the athletes and their entourage, the BWF has been working diligently to improve their experience and address their needs.

The Player Review Panel: Enhancing Support for Athletes

One of the BWF’s key initiatives is the formation of the Player Review Panel. This panel is dedicated to providing support mechanisms for the players and developing strategies to enhance their experience at badminton events. Additionally, the panel aims to explore career development opportunities for athletes outside of the court. By engaging with the players and gathering their feedback on various aspects of the sport, such as their rights and obligations in line with the IOC Athletes Charter, the BWF aims to optimize their needs and ensure the overall development of badminton for future players.

Entourage Advisory Meeting: A Holistic Approach

Complementing the Player Review Panel is the Entourage Advisory Meeting, where coaches, team officials, support staff, and other key stakeholders of athletes come together to discuss relevant areas. This meeting is an invaluable platform for gaining insights into the working relationships between the entourage stakeholders and the players, as well as their interaction with tournament structures like the HSBC BWF World Tour and BWF Major Events. Through this open dialogue, a deeper understanding and increased collaboration can be achieved.

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By initiating these initiatives, the BWF aims to gauge the sentiments and concerns of their fundamental stakeholder group – the top players. With the athletes’ expertise and close collaboration, the BWF believes they can contribute to the continuous growth and success of badminton.


Q: What is the purpose of the Player Review Panel?

The Player Review Panel aims to provide enhanced support mechanisms for badminton players and develop strategies to improve their experience at events, as well as explore career development opportunities outside of the court.

Q: Who leads the first Players Review Panel?

The first Players Review Panel is headed by Emma Mason, a BWF Council Member and former BWF Athletes’ Commission Chair.

Q: What is the goal of the Entourage Advisory Meeting?

The Entourage Advisory Meeting aims to discuss areas relevant to coaches, team officials, support staff, and other key stakeholders of athletes. It provides valuable insights into their working relationships with players and the existing tournament structures, fostering understanding and collaboration.


The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is committed to optimizing the conditions for badminton’s key stakeholders – the players and their entourage. Through initiatives like the Player Review Panel and the Entourage Advisory Meeting, the BWF aims to enhance player support, improve their experience at events, and explore career development opportunities. By engaging in open dialogue and fostering collaboration, the BWF is dedicated to the continuous growth and success of badminton. For more information, visit

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