Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

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When England’s badminton champions Chris and Gabrielle Adcock retired in May 2021, the news came as a surprise to the badminton community. The beloved former Team GB Olympians, who were married in 2013, left the sport without a proper farewell at a tournament.

According to Chris Adcock, they made the decision to retire during the COVID-19 break, feeling that it was the right time to move on after an incredible 16 years on the circuit. They didn’t want to continue playing tournaments without full motivation and risk losing their competitive edge. They wanted to leave the sport while still performing at a high level and be proud of their achievements.

Five months after bidding farewell to their fellow players and friends on the tour, the couple welcomed their daughter, Penelope, in October. They are now focused on their new role as parents and are enjoying this new chapter in their lives.

Reflecting on their successful badminton careers, the Adcocks won notable titles such as the Hong Kong Open Superseries in 2013 and the Dubai World Superseries Finals in 2015. They are also one of the few English shuttlers, alongside Nigel G Tier and Gillian C Gowers, to win a season-ending tournament.

Gabrielle fondly remembers their gold medal win at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, where their families were able to witness their victory. It was a special moment for them and something they are extremely proud of.

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We wish the Adcocks a happy retirement and all the best in their journey as parents to Penelope.