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BWF News: Remembering Tom Bacher, a True Badminton Icon

Badminton World Federation (BWF) is saddened by the loss of Tom Bacher, a legendary figure in the sport and BWF Honorary Life Vice-President. Bacher, who passed away in his native Denmark at the age of 75, dedicated his life to badminton, both as a player and an administrator.

A Multi-faceted Career in Badminton

Tom Bacher’s contributions to badminton spanned across different roles, from player to coach, selector, team manager, and umpire. He joined the International Badminton Federation (IBF) Council in 1979 and served the IBF for 24 years, holding positions such as Executive Board Member, Vice President, Deputy Chair of Council, and Vice President. In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Bacher was awarded the Herbert Scheele Trophy in 2008 and became a BWF Honorary Life Vice-President in 2009.

Bacher’s impact extended beyond the sporting aspects of badminton. He played a crucial role in the business development of the sport, serving as Chairman of the Open Badminton Committee from 1982 to 1992. Under his leadership, the committee initiated and developed international prize-money events, significantly improving the attraction of the sport. He was also instrumental in the reform of the Thomas and Uber Cup in 1982, which laid the foundation for the federation’s financial stability over the next decade. Additionally, Bacher and his committee contributed to the establishment and growth of the World Grand Prix, which has since evolved into the BWF World Superseries.

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A Visionary Leader and Advocate for Badminton

Poul-Erik Høyer, President of BWF, recognized Bacher’s invaluable contribution to the global development of badminton, particularly in establishing a sustainable financial framework for the sport. His vision and leadership have benefitted generations of players who now make a living from badminton. Beyond his administrative roles, Bacher freely gave his time and shared his experience to advance the sport at all levels. His legacy as a true badminton icon will always be cherished.

A Stellar Playing Career

During the 1960s and early 1970s, Bacher made a name for himself as a talented badminton player. While he initially stood out as the runner-up in the Danish National Men’s Singles, it was in doubles where he achieved the most success. Together with his partner, Poul Petersen, Bacher secured numerous international titles on the European circuit. The highlight of his playing career came in the 1970 All England Championships Men’s Doubles final, where the unseeded Danish pair triumphed over the English favorites, David Eddy and Roger Powell.

Contributions to Badminton Europe

Bacher’s involvement in badminton extended to the continental level as well. He served as Chair of the Court Officials Committee for Badminton Europe from 1978 to 1979 and later became the President from 2004 to 2010. In recognition of his remarkable contributions, Bacher was named a Badminton Europe Honorary Life Vice President in 2015.

Tom Bacher leaves behind an indelible mark on the world of badminton. His dedication, vision, and leadership have shaped the sport in countless ways. The badminton community will always remember his contributions and the lasting legacy he has left behind.

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Q: What roles did Tom Bacher fulfill during his career in badminton?
A: Tom Bacher played multiple roles in badminton, including player, coach, selector, team manager, and umpire. He also served in various administrative positions, such as Executive Board Member, Vice President, and Deputy Chair of Council.

Q: What were Tom Bacher’s contributions to the business side of badminton?
A: Tom Bacher played a crucial role in the business development of badminton. He chaired the Open Badminton Committee from 1982 to 1992, which initiated and developed international prize-money events. Bacher also contributed to the reform of the Thomas and Uber Cup in 1982 and played a pivotal role in establishing the World Grand Prix, now known as the BWF World Superseries.


Tom Bacher, a badminton legend and BWF Honorary Life Vice-President, passed away in Denmark at the age of 75. He dedicated his life to the sport, leaving a lasting impact as a player and administrator. Bacher’s contributions to badminton include serving in various roles within the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and playing a significant part in the business development of the sport. His leadership, vision, and dedication have shaped the sport of badminton and provided countless opportunities for players around the world. Tom Bacher’s remarkable legacy will always be remembered in the badminton community.