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Gregoria Mariska Tunjung – the rising star of Indonesian badminton – has bid farewell to her junior days in an outstanding manner. She has emerged as the Women’s Singles World Junior champion. Despite facing illness and tough opponents throughout the tournament, the determined teenager showcased her skills and resilience, ultimately saving a match point and securing victory with a thrilling 21-13, 13-21, 24-22 scoreline.

Tunjung’s final match against Han Yue was reminiscent of a fierce battle in Glasgow not too long ago. The clash between these two talented players was the perfect conclusion to the individual segment of the Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Junior Championships 2017.

Playing just an hour away from her hometown of Solo, Tunjung had the support of her entire community, who passionately cheered her on to victory. Han Yue, her Chinese opponent, put up a commendable fight and could have easily emerged as the winner. However, fate favored Tunjung, and Han’s final shot sailing over the baseline marked the end of an enthralling saga that captivated the GOR Among Rogo Arena for 64 minutes.

Reflecting on her victory, Tunjung described the match as a grueling battle and credited her success to her unwavering determination and the support of the crowd. She expressed her pride in becoming the champion, especially as the host country, Indonesia.

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This triumph holds great significance for Indonesia, a nation with a deep passion for badminton. It had been 25 years since the country had celebrated a youth champion, making this achievement all the more special for Tunjung and her fans. Throughout the match, Tunjung’s powerful strokes and deft touches at the net showcased her exceptional skills, while Han struggled with her movement and made crucial errors.

The decider was a nail-biting affair, with both players giving their all. At 17-17, it became clear that the match would go down to the wire. With multiple match points for both players, the tension reached its peak. Ultimately, Tunjung held her nerve and secured the victory on her third match point.

As Tunjung reveled in her well-deserved triumph, the Indonesian national anthem played proudly in the arena. It was a moment of immense joy and pride for Tunjung, as well as for her country.

In addition to Tunjung’s success, Kunlavut Vitidsarn of Thailand claimed an historic victory in the Men’s Singles World Junior category. He defeated Leong Jun Hao in a thrilling match that saw him come from behind to win 17-21, 21-15, 21-9. Vitidsarn’s composed play under pressure and his tactical adjustments proved crucial in securing the title.

Vitidsarn expressed his happiness at making history for Thailand and highlighted the confidence this victory has given him for future tournaments. Meanwhile, Leong candidly admitted to losing focus during the match and allowing his thoughts to wander towards winning instead of focusing on each point.

Overall, the Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Junior Championships 2017 showcased the immense talent and grit of young badminton players from around the world. This tournament not only provided a platform for emerging stars to shine but also brought sheer excitement and entertainment to fans of the sport.

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In conclusion, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung and Kunlavut Vitidsarn have left their mark on the badminton world with their exceptional performances. Their victories inspire young players and serve as a reminder of the power of dedication, skill, and resilience in achieving greatness in the sport.