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Leani Ratri Oktila Shines at the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017

Leani Ratri Oktila, the talented para-athlete from Indonesia, showcased her skills at the recent Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017. She emerged as the star of the four-day tournament, clinching three gold medals.

Leani Ratri Oktila’s Unbeatable Performance

Leani Ratri Oktila dominated the competition, winning a total of 15 matches in both singles and doubles events across the SL 3, SL 4, and SU 5 sport classes. She proved her mettle by conquering the Women’s Singles SL 4 category, defeating Thailand’s Nipada Seangsupa in a thrilling final (21-11, 21-8).

Achieving Glory in Mixed Doubles

Not only did Oktila shine in singles, but she also partnered with her compatriot Hary Susanto to secure the gold medal in the Mixed Doubles SL 3 – SU 5 category. The duo emerged victorious after a tremendous battle against Lucas Mazur and Faustine Noel of France (21-7, 21-11).

Thrilling Women’s Doubles Victory

Oktila once again showcased her exceptional skills when she teamed up with Thailand’s Wannaphatdee Kamtam in the Women’s Doubles L 3 – SU 5 event. They displayed incredible teamwork and defeated Japan’s Mamiko Toyoda and Yamada Asami in the final (21-13, 21-13).

Stellar Performances by Other Players

The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017 witnessed other outstanding performances as well. Amnouy Wetwithan and Sujirat Pookhum from Thailand each secured two gold medals in the Women’s Singles WH 2 and Women’s Singles WH 1 categories, respectively. They also joined forces to claim victory in the Women’s Doubles WH 1 – WH 2 category, defeating Kim Yeon Sim and Son Ok Cha of Korea (21-18, 21-13).

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Dominance in Wheelchair Action

In wheelchair events, Kim Jung Jun of Korea demonstrated his dominance by winning the Men’s Singles title. He triumphed over Hong Kong’s Chan Ho Yuen (21-18, 21-12) to secure the gold. Kim, along with his Korean teammate Lee Sam Seop, also emerged victorious in the Men’s Doubles event, defeating Kim Kyung Hoon and Lee Dong Seop (21-16, 21-12) in an all-Korean final.

Spectacular Performances by Hong Kong Players

Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Yim showcased his skills in the SS 6 sport class, securing gold medals in both the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles categories. He paired up with Chu Man Kai to dominate the doubles competition, winning all their matches against three other pairs.

Japan’s Triumph in Women’s Singles SU 5

Japan left an indelible mark in the Women’s Singles SU 5 category, as Ayako Suzuki emerged as the gold medalist. Mamiko Toyoda claimed the silver medal, while Kameyama Kaede and Akiko Sugino shared the bronze.

International Participation and Results

The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017, hosted by the Sports Association for the Disabled of Thailand (SADT), witnessed the participation of 15 countries from around the world. Australia, England, Germany, India, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, and Turkey were among the nations that competed in this prestigious tournament.

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Q: Who won the Women’s Singles SL 4 category at the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017?

A: Leani Ratri Oktila from Indonesia emerged victorious in the Women’s Singles SL 4 category, defeating Thailand’s Nipada Seangsupa.

Q: How many gold medals did Leani Ratri Oktila win?

A: Leani Ratri Oktila won a total of three gold medals in the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017.

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Leani Ratri Oktila’s exceptional performance at the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2017 was nothing short of remarkable. Winning three gold medals in the singles and doubles events across different sport classes, she showcased her skills and determination. Alongside Oktila, other players from Thailand, Korea, and Hong Kong also demonstrated their talent, contributing to the excitement of the tournament. The event witnessed fierce competition among 15 countries, further highlighting the growth and popularity of para-badminton. For more information on the results, visit our website and stay updated with the latest news in the world of badminton.