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China’s Dominance at the Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016

China’s young badminton players showcased their talent and secured a remarkable eight gold medals at the recent Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016 in Beijing. Here are some highlights from the tournament:

Li Hongyan’s Double Triumph

Li Hongyan emerged victorious in the Women’s Singles WH 1 category, defeating her fellow Chinese competitor Wang Ping. She also teamed up with Yang Fan to clinch gold in the Women’s Doubles WH 1 – WH 2 event, outplaying their opponents from Thailand.

Rising Star Liu Yutong’s Stellar Performance

At just 12 years of age, Liu Yutong made a name for herself by defeating more experienced players on her way to the Women’s Singles WH 2 final. Her consistency and quickness helped her secure the gold medal by defeating the defending champion Amnouy Wetwithan from Thailand.

Korea’s Wheelchair Badminton Excellence

Korean para-athletes showcased their skills in the wheelchair classes, winning a total of 11 medals. Lee Sam Seop, the reigning World champion, claimed the Men’s Singles WH 1 title by defeating his compatriot Lee Dong Seop. Kim JungJun also delivered an outstanding performance, securing gold in the Men’s Singles WH 2 category.

India’s Impressive Victories

Indian players also achieved notable wins at the championships. Manoj Sarkar triumphed in the Men’s Singles SL 3, while Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj dominated the Men’s Singles SL 4 event. Parul Dalsukhbai Parmar secured gold in the Women’s Singles SL 3 category.

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Exciting Matches and Close Finishes

The tournament featured thrilling matches, including a close battle in the Mixed Doubles SL 3 – SU 5 event between China’s Ou Wei and Cheng Hefang and Japan’s Suenaga Toshiaki and Akiko Sugino. After three intense games, the Japanese pair emerged victorious, securing Japan’s first gold at the event.

Malaysia’s Success in SS 6 Class

Malaysian player Didin Taresoh continued his winning streak in the Men’s Singles SS 6 category, defeating Wong Chun Yim from Hong Kong. Li Fengmei of China dominated the Women’s Singles event in the SS 6 class.

This championship was hosted and organized by the NPC China and China’s Administration of Sport for Persons with Disabilities (CASPD). The tournament took place at the impressive CASPD complex, which was also used for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

For a full list of medal winners, please visit the Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016 website.


Q: How many gold medals did China win at the Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016?
A: China secured eight gold medals in total at the tournament.

Q: Who were the top performers from Korea and India at the championships?
A: Lee Sam Seop and Kim JungJun showcased their skills for Korea, while Manoj Sarkar and Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj achieved impressive victories for India.

Q: Which country hosted and organized the championships?
A: The NPC China and China’s Administration of Sport for Persons with Disabilities (CASPD) hosted and organized the Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016.


The Asian Para-Badminton Championships 2016 witnessed China’s young badminton players shine, winning eight gold medals on home turf. Li Hongyan and Liu Yutong showcased their talent, while Korea and India also achieved remarkable successes. The tournament featured exciting matches and close finishes, leaving badminton enthusiasts captivated. Overall, the championship showcased the exceptional skill and determination of para-badminton players from across Asia.

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