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Superstar Lin Dan once again claimed victory in the Men’s Singles category at the Asian Badminton Championships 2014, held at Gimcheon Indoor Stadium. Meanwhile, the local crowd was treated to a surprising win by Sung Ji Hyun in the Women’s Singles final.

In an unexpected turn of events, Sung Ji Hyun defeated favorite Wang Shixian of China in straight games, securing her first major title since the Korea Open of 2013. The final day of the championships saw China and Korea both winning two titles, with Hong Kong taking home the Mixed Doubles crown.

Wang Shixian had been in top form, with impressive performances throughout the season, including two Superseries titles and a runner-up position at the Malaysia Open. Having previously won her last two matches against Sung, Wang was considered the frontrunner for the title. However, Sung displayed exceptional skill and consistency, utilizing her reach and sharp attacking game to outplay the top seed. With a score of 21-19 21-15, Sung emerged as the victor.

In the Men’s Singles final, Lin Dan faced a tough challenge from Sasaki, who initially took control of the match. However, Lin Dan quickly adapted to his opponent’s aggressive style and showcased his incredible defensive skills and precise clears. With Sasaki struggling to keep the shuttle within the lines, Lin took control of the game, directing the play with ease. Despite a late charge from Sasaki, Lin sealed the victory with a scoreline of 14-21 21-9 21-15. This marked Lin’s second consecutive title win, following his recent triumph at the China Masters Grand Prix Gold.

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Other highlights from the championships include Hong Kong’s Lee Chun Hei and Chau Hoi Wah’s impressive comeback in the Mixed Doubles final against No.4 seeds Shin Baek Choel and Jang Ye Na of Korea. After losing the opening game, Lee and Chau found their rhythm and clinched the victory with scores of 13-21 21-15 21-15. In the Women’s Doubles final, China’s Luo Ying and Luo Yu defeated Korea’s Kim Ha Na and Jung Kyung Eun in straight games, with a score of 21-18 21-18. Shin Baek Choel redeemed himself by claiming the Men’s Doubles title with Yoo Yeon Seong after a challenging match against China’s Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen, with a final score of 22-20 21-17.


Q: Who won the Men’s Singles title at the Asian Badminton Championships 2014?
A: Superstar Lin Dan emerged as the champion in the Men’s Singles category.

Q: Who was the surprise winner in the Women’s Singles final?
A: Sung Ji Hyun pulled off a big surprise by defeating favorite Wang Shixian of China in straight games.

Q: Who were the champions in the Mixed Doubles category?
A: Hong Kong’s Lee Chun Hei and Chau Hoi Wah claimed victory in the Mixed Doubles final.

Q: How did Lin Dan turn the Men’s Singles final in his favor?
A: Despite a challenging start, Lin Dan showcased his exceptional skills, including his defensive abilities and precise clears, to ultimately secure the win.


The Asian Badminton Championships 2014 witnessed thrilling matches and surprising victories. Lin Dan once again showed his dominance in the Men’s Singles category, while Sung Ji Hyun impressed with her win in the Women’s Singles final. The championships featured a mix of triumphs for China, Korea, and Hong Kong in various categories. From unexpected comebacks to intense battles, the tournament showcased the skill and talent of the world’s top badminton players.

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