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A day of thrilling badminton matches unfolded at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, as teams from Canada, Guernsey, and Ghana achieved spectacular victories. In Group D, Canada pulled off a remarkable comeback, defeating Australia 3-2 in the Mixed Team event. The match started with Australia’s Mixed Doubles pair, Ross Smith and Renuga Veeran, dominating their opponents, Toby Ng and Alex Bruce. However, little did they know that a surprise was in store for them.

Canadian newcomer Andrew D’Souza, ranked No. 279 in Men’s Singles, stunned the more experienced Jeff Tho in a swift and impressive victory. D’Souza, a self-funded athlete who had to cover his own travel expenses, demonstrated his determination and skill. Additionally, Michelle Li of Canada demonstrated her superiority in Women’s Singles, defeating Verdet Kessler in a convincing manner.

Despite these setbacks, Australia fought back valiantly. Ross Smith and Robbin Middleton triumphed in a challenging Men’s Doubles match against Derrick Ng and Adrian Liu. However, the fate of the match ultimately rested on the Women’s Doubles event. Australia’s Renuga Veeran and Tang He Tian were expected to win against the Canadian pair of Michelle Li and Rachel Honderich. Yet, in a surprising turn of events, Li and Honderich emerged victorious, securing a memorable win for Canada.

Meanwhile, Guernsey and Ghana also experienced nail-biting encounters. Guernsey narrowly defeated Seychelles, with Elena Johnson and Gayle Lloyd emerging as the heroes of the fifth match in Women’s Doubles. Ghana faced a tough challenge against Uganda, but Evelyn Botwe and Stella Amasah displayed grit and determination to secure victory in a grueling Women’s Doubles match.

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In other matches, India, England, and Singapore demonstrated their superiority, comfortably winning against their opponents. India experimented with new combinations in Men’s and Mixed Doubles, while England relied on their proven pairs to achieve success. Hosts Scotland and New Zealand put on an impressive display, and England dominated over Jersey.

This event showcased the competitive spirit and skill of players from around the world. The Commonwealth Games proved to be a platform for emerging talents and surprises, highlighting the true essence of badminton as a sport.


Q: How did Canada manage to defeat Australia in the Mixed Team event?
A: Canada staged a remarkable comeback against Australia, with impressive victories in Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, and Women’s Doubles. Despite Australia’s strong start in the Mixed Doubles event, Canada’s determined athletes turned the tide in their favor.

Q: Who were the standout players in the Guernsey vs. Seychelles match?
A: Elena Johnson and Gayle Lloyd of Guernsey emerged as the heroes of the match, securing a hard-fought victory in the fifth Women’s Doubles match.

Q: What was the most intense match of the day?
A: The Ghana vs. Uganda tie provided the most thrilling contest, with Evelyn Botwe and Stella Amasah fighting fiercely in a grueling Women’s Doubles match that went down to the wire.

Q: How did India, England, and Singapore fare in their matches?
A: India, England, and Singapore showcased their dominance, securing comprehensive victories against their opponents. India experimented with new combinations, while England relied on their proven pairs. Singapore demonstrated their strength, winning all matches by a convincing margin.

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The 2014 Commonwealth Games witnessed captivating badminton matches, with Canada, Guernsey, and Ghana emerging as the standout teams. Canada’s incredible comeback against Australia in the Mixed Team event showcased the determination and skill of their players. Guernsey’s narrow victory over Seychelles and Ghana’s hard-fought win against Uganda added to the day’s excitement.

India, England, and Singapore proved their superiority, comfortably defeating their opponents. These matches provided an opportunity for emerging talents to shine, while also showcasing the competitive spirit and excellence of established players.

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