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It has been half a decade since the establishment of BWF’s Integrity Unit. Over the years, our “i am badminton” campaign has played a pivotal role in conveying our unwavering commitment to integrity. Today, we are delighted to introduce a new group of global badminton icons from the World Tour and Para badminton circuit:

  • Pusarla V. Sindhu (IND)
  • Michelle Li(CAN)
  • Zheng Si Wei (CHN)
  • Huang Ya Qiong (CHN)
  • Jack Shephard (ENG)
  • Valeska Knoblauch (GER)
  • Chan Ho Yuen Daniel (HKG)
  • Marc Zwiebler – Athletes’ Commission Chair (GER)

Through this campaign, players are provided with a platform to express their love and reverence for badminton by advocating and committing to fair and honest play. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness throughout the badminton community and inspire athletes to actively contribute to the integrity of the sport.

Pusarla V. Sindhu emphasizes the importance of fair play in any sport, stating, “This message starts with one voice. If we, as ambassadors, can highlight this, then I believe it will resonate with more players. Playing the sport clean and maintaining integrity is of utmost significance to me.”

Michelle Li echoes these sentiments, highlighting how sport offers invaluable experiences and life lessons for the younger generation. She emphasizes the importance of fair play, stating, “When we step onto the court, we are all striving towards the same goals, so it is crucial that we begin on a level playing field. Being honest and maintaining integrity is a true reflection of your abilities.”

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These new ambassadors will continue the exceptional work initiated by several elite players throughout the years. Their commitment to the campaign will be showcased at badminton and Para badminton tournaments, where they will share their dedication to clean and honest badminton with future generations.

President Poul-Erik Høyer affirms that every player has the right to compete in a clean and fair sport. He stresses that match fixing, match manipulation, and doping go against the essence of sportsmanship. As ambassadors, it is our collective responsibility to safeguard the future of badminton.

President Høyer explains, “Our youth and Para badminton players are particularly vulnerable to match manipulation and doping due to their limited exposure on the international stage. The ‘i am badminton’ campaign aims to educate and raise awareness among these target groups by sharing our experiences as role models and emphasizing the importance of combating match manipulation and doping.”

The image below highlights the spirit of our campaign:

BWF News


Q: What is the purpose of BWF’s Integrity Unit?
A: BWF’s Integrity Unit was established to uphold the values of integrity within the sport of badminton. It aims to combat match manipulation, match fixing, and doping, ensuring fair and honest competition.

Q: How does the “i am badminton” campaign contribute to the sport?
A: The “i am badminton” campaign serves as a platform for players to express their love and respect for badminton while advocating for clean and honest play. It aims to raise awareness and encourage athletes to actively participate in shaping the integrity of the sport.

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Q: Who are some of the ambassadors of the campaign?
A: Some of the ambassadors for the “i am badminton” campaign include Pusarla V. Sindhu, Michelle Li, Zheng Si Wei, Huang Ya Qiong, Jack Shephard, Valeska Knoblauch, Chan Ho Yuen Daniel, and Marc Zwiebler – Athletes’ Commission Chair.


In the past five years, BWF’s Integrity Unit has been dedicated to promoting integrity in badminton through the “i am badminton” campaign. Today, a new group of global badminton stars has joined the campaign, advocating for clean and fair play. Players like Pusarla V. Sindhu and Michelle Li emphasize the importance of maintaining integrity and honesty in the sport. These ambassadors, along with past and present elite players, will collaborate to spread the campaign’s key messages and inspire future generations to uphold the integrity of badminton. As ambassadors, they will actively engage in badminton and Para badminton tournaments, sharing their commitment to fair play. Join us in supporting this campaign and championing the values of integrity in badminton.