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The BWF World Junior Championships 2022 witnessed an awe-inspiring display of talent and determination, as young badminton players from around the world showcased their skills on the court. Among them, a remarkable 16-year-old stood out, defying expectations and emerging victorious in the women’s singles category.

Tomoka Miyazaki, despite her frail appearance, proved that appearances can be deceiving. With her magic wrist and exceptional skills, she outshone her opponents and retained the women’s singles title for Japan. Throughout the final match against China’s Yuan An Qi, Miyazaki’s deceptive shots and sharp attacking prowess left her opponent bewildered and unable to defend against her onslaught.

Yuan proved to be a worthy adversary, displaying remarkable resilience by saving two match points in the second game. However, Miyazaki remained composed and continued to unleash winners from improbable angles. In the end, Miyazaki triumphed with a scoreline of 21-14, 20-22, 21-17, following in the footsteps of esteemed Japanese players such as Nozomi Okuhara, Akane Yamaguchi, and Riko Gunji.

In an interview, Miyazaki expressed her gratitude and shared her perspective on the final. As a first-year high school student, she felt like a challenger and approached the game without worrying about the outcome. Winning the final was an unforgettable experience for her, and she acknowledged the inspiration she drew from Riko Gunji’s victory in 2019.

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Another standout performer in the tournament was Kuo Kuan Lin from Chinese Taipei. In the men’s singles category, Kuo showcased his exceptional skills and emerged as the champion. This victory marked the third men’s singles title for Chinese Taipei, following in the footsteps of Cheng Shao Chieh and Lu Chia Hung.

Kuo’s journey to the title was not without its challenges. In the final match against India’s Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian, Kuo experienced a nerve-wracking ending, where six match points slipped by. Despite the pressure, Kuo maintained his composure and secured victory. Subramanian, known for his prowess in long rallies, struggled to find his footing against Kuo’s powerful shots.

Reflecting on his achievement, Kuo expressed his delight and the sense of fulfillment that comes from years of hard work. He admitted feeling the pressure when his opponent made a comeback from a 14-20 deficit, but he managed to stay calm, focusing on one point at a time. Winning the title was a testament to his dedication and perseverance.

These incredible performances captivated the audience and highlight the immense talent and potential in the world of junior badminton. The BWF World Junior Championships showcased the future stars of the sport, leaving a lasting impression on fans around the globe.


Q: How old is Tomoka Miyazaki?
A: Tomoka Miyazaki is 16 years old.

Q: What was the final score of the women’s singles final?
A: The final score of the women’s singles final was 21-14, 20-22, 21-17 in favor of Tomoka Miyazaki.

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Q: How many men’s singles titles has Chinese Taipei won in the BWF World Junior Championships?
A: Chinese Taipei has won three men’s singles titles in the BWF World Junior Championships.

Q: Who inspired Tomoka Miyazaki in her journey to the women’s singles title?
A: Tomoka Miyazaki was inspired by Riko Gunji’s victory in 2019.


The BWF World Junior Championships 2022 witnessed remarkable performances from young badminton players around the world. Tomoka Miyazaki, a 16-year-old Japanese player, defied expectations and retained the women’s singles title with her exceptional skills and deceptive shots. Kuo Kuan Lin from Chinese Taipei emerged as the men’s singles champion, showcasing his talent and resilience. These victories exemplify the future potential of junior badminton.