Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the global launch of AirBadminton, the outdoor game, and the AirShuttle, the new outdoor shuttlecock, in Guangzhou, China. This was a significant milestone for the BWF (Badminton World Federation) and its Global Development Partner, HSBC. In the past year, the BWF has made substantial progress in the development of AirBadminton.

The Journey So Far

The BWF embarked on this project in collaboration with the Institute for Sports Research (ISR) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore six years ago. The primary objective was to create a new outdoor shuttlecock that would enhance the experience of playing badminton outdoors. The key considerations were that the shuttlecock should be compatible with existing rackets and have improved wind resistance.

To ensure the quality and performance of the AirShuttle, the BWF engaged with production companies for the manufacturing process. After appointing a manufacturer in Chinese Taipei in December 2019, mass production of the AirShuttle began. Simultaneously, the BWF worked with various brands and retailers to make the AirShuttle and associated equipment accessible and affordable for all.

Collaboration for Success

The BWF has also collaborated closely with Continental Confederations and Member Associations to ensure widespread availability of the AirShuttle. This collaborative effort aims to reach as many people as possible, irrespective of geographical location or badminton market.

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Thomas Lund, the BWF Secretary General, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made so far. He emphasized that the goal is for the AirShuttle to thrive in all badminton markets. The BWF has received positive feedback from Member Associations and is working alongside brands and retailers to develop sustainable marketing and distribution plans tailored to each region.

Embracing Partnerships

Excitingly, the AirShuttle has already gained traction with several brands and retailers. A list of confirmed distributors can be found on the AirBadminton website. The BWF is keen to partner with more brands to ensure the AirShuttle reaches every corner of the globe. With 194 Member Associations across five Continental Confederations, the BWF envisions making the AirShuttle accessible to players of all levels.


Q: What is AirBadminton?
A: AirBadminton is an outdoor version of the traditional badminton game. It focuses on providing a positive outdoor badminton experience by introducing a new outdoor shuttlecock, the AirShuttle, and modifying the game format to accommodate outdoor conditions.

Q: How can I get the AirShuttle and associated equipment?
A: The AirShuttle and associated equipment can be purchased from brands and retailers. Visit the AirBadminton website for a list of confirmed distributors.

Q: Is the AirShuttle compatible with existing badminton rackets?
A: Yes, the AirShuttle is designed to be played with the same rackets used in traditional badminton. This ensures a seamless transition for players.


The BWF has made significant strides in the development and promotion of AirBadminton and the AirShuttle, the new outdoor shuttlecock. The project, which began six years ago, aims to provide a more enjoyable badminton experience outdoors. The BWF has collaborated with various stakeholders, including production companies, brands, and retailers, to ensure widespread availability and accessibility of the AirShuttle. The goal is for the AirShuttle to thrive in all badminton markets, reaching players of all levels around the world. Excitingly, several brands and retailers have already embraced the AirShuttle, with more expected to join in the future. Visit the AirBadminton website for more information and to find distributors near you.

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