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BWF Wins Gold Award at SPIA Asia

Badminton World Federation (BWF) has been honored with the prestigious Gold Award at the 3rd SPIA Asia – Asia’s Sports Industry Awards & Conference. This recognition crowns BWF as the ‘Best Global Sports Organization Operating in Asia.’ Poul-Erik Høyer, the President of BWF, received the award from Eric M Gottschalk, CEO of MMC Sportz Marketing LLC, at a ceremony held at the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai.

A Remarkable Achievement

Outshining its competitors, BWF surpassed nine other nominees to claim the top spot. The International Tennis Federation (UK), International Cricket Council (UAE), and Spartan Race (USA) were among the organizations vying for this award. BWF’s exceptional efforts were acknowledged, with Spartan Race taking home the silver award and UFC securing the bronze.

Recognition for Excellence

The commendation for BWF didn’t stop there. BWF was also nominated for two additional awards. The Dubai World Superseries Finals 2016 was recognized as a contender for the ‘Best International Sporting Event Sanctioned by an International Federation,’ while Shuttle Time Dubai was nominated for the ‘Best Youth Development Program of the Year’ category.

Celebrating Success

The Awards Gala marked the culmination of a two-day conference attended by over 300 delegates and 20 international speakers from various sectors of the sports industry. This event offered a platform to acknowledge outstanding contributions and achievements in the sports industry over the past year. As part of this celebration, gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to winners in 17 Asian and six Thai award categories.

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BWF News

The Business of Sports

The Sports Business Conference, titled ‘The Business of Sports – Asia’s Sports Industry in the Fast Lane III,’ has been an annual event since 2015. Its purpose is to honor brands, agencies, marketers, and organizations that have left a lasting impact on the sports landscape in Asia. The conference is endorsed and supported by Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Sports Authority Thailand, and the Tourism Authority Thailand.

Global Recognition

To be eligible for the ‘Best Global Sports Organization Operating in Asia’ category, participating sporting bodies must have a presence in at least 15 countries. They should also demonstrate active grassroots programs, talent development, and regular competitions, as well as boast a global fan base. The Awards Committee, consisting of esteemed experts from the sporting industry, evaluated the entries and recognized BWF as the ultimate winner.

Eric M Gottschalk, CEO of MMC Sportz Marketing LLC, expressed his admiration for the high caliber of award submissions and the intense competition. Out of nearly 400 entries, the winners were chosen through a fair and transparent judging process carried out by a panel of 20 experts. The bronze, silver, and gold winners announced at the SPIA Asia Awards Gala should take immense pride in their remarkable achievements.


Q: What is SPIA Asia?
A: SPIA Asia is Asia’s Sports Industry Awards & Conference, an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of brands, agencies, marketers, and organizations in the sports industry in Asia.

Q: How is the winner determined for the ‘Best Global Sports Organization Operating in Asia’ category?
A: The winner is chosen by the Awards Committee, which consists of experts from various fields within the sporting industry. They evaluate entries based on criteria such as the organization’s presence in at least 15 countries, active grassroots programs, talent development, regular competitions, and a global fan base.

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BWF’s Gold Award at SPIA Asia is a testament to their commitment to excellence in the sports industry. This prestigious recognition reflects their exceptional efforts in promoting badminton, developing talent, and organizing engaging competitions. BWF’s continuous dedication to the sport has earned them a well-deserved place at the top of the global sports hierarchy. For more information about the Badminton World Federation, visit Carnegiecentre.