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A historic victory for Canada’s badminton team at the Commonwealth Games Women’s Singles final showcased a near-flawless performance from Michelle Li. Li’s impressive all-court guile and skill overwhelmed her opponent, Kirsty Gilmour of Scotland, resulting in a convincing 21-14 21-7 win for Li. This momentous achievement marks Canada’s first-ever Women’s Singles crown at the Commonwealth Games.

Men’s Singles: Kashyap Parupalli Claims Victory

In a thrilling match, Kashyap Parupalli of India emerged as the champion in the Men’s Singles category. Parupalli faced strong competition from Singapore’s Derek Wong, but managed to secure victory with a tight 21-14 11-21 21-19 scoreline. The match witnessed several intense moments and fluctuations in momentum, with Wong initially appearing on course to make history for Singapore. However, Parupalli showed his resilience and determination, clinching the win and celebrating with exuberance.

Mixed Doubles: Adcock Duo Makes History

Chris and Gabrielle Adcock, representing England, made badminton history as the first husband-and-wife pair to win gold in the Mixed Doubles event at the Commonwealth Games. They displayed a dominant performance against their fellow English teammates, Chris Langridge and Heather Olver, securing a commanding 21-9 21-12 victory. Overjoyed by their success, the Adcocks expressed their elation and gratitude, emphasizing the hard work they had invested to achieve this milestone.

Women’s Doubles: Malaysian Pair Seizes Victory

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Malaysia’s Vivian Hoo and Woon Khe Wei emerged victorious in the Women’s Doubles final, delivering a stunning defeat to India’s Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa. Hoo and Woon showcased great defense and net anticipation, battling back from a 20-16 deficit in the second game to claim a remarkable 21-17 23-21 win. This triumph dashed the hopes of the defending champions, Gutta and Ponnappa, who were unable to convert their five game points into a victory.

Men’s Doubles: Malaysian Legacy Continues

Continuing Malaysia’s dominance in Men’s Doubles, Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shem secured their country’s seventh consecutive gold medal in this category at the Commonwealth Games. The Malaysian pair faced tough opposition from Singapore’s Danny Chrisnanta and Chayut Triyachart, resulting in a hard-fought battle with a final score of 21-12 12-21 21-15 in favor of Tan and Goh. The Malaysians showcased their skills and determination, bouncing back from a momentary setback to claim their well-deserved victory.


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The recent victories at the Commonwealth Games have showcased the exceptional talent, determination, and sportsmanship within the world of badminton. Michelle Li’s historic win for Canada, Kashyap Parupalli’s thrilling triumph in the Men’s Singles, the Adcock duo making history in the Mixed Doubles, the phenomenal performance of Malaysia’s Vivian Hoo and Woon Khe Wei in the Women’s Doubles, and the continuation of Malaysia’s dominance in the Men’s Doubles all highlight the remarkable achievements of these athletes. Carnegiecentre is committed to sharing the latest news, updates, and insights related to the world of badminton and other industries. Stay connected with us to further explore the exciting world of sports and beyond.