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Former Olympic gold medallist Bang Soo Hyun of Korea was inducted into the BWF Hall of Fame last night. The award was presented at a gala dinner during BWF’s Annual General Meeting in Nanning yesterday. Three other badminton personalities were awarded BWF’s prestigious service awards: Ronny de Vos (Belgium) received the Distinguished Service Award, while Ranjit de Silva (Sri Lanka) and Jean-Guy Poitras (Canada) were named for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bang Soo Hyun – A Legendary Badminton Champion

Bang Soo Hyun, one of the leading women’s singles players of the 1990s, has been officially recognized for her outstanding contributions to badminton. She reached the pinnacle of her career by winning the women’s singles gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, following a silver medal win in Barcelona four years earlier. Throughout her career, she clinched numerous individual tournament titles and played an instrumental role in securing two Sudirman Cup championships for Korea.

Bang Soo Hyun

A Legacy Beyond the Court

After her remarkable Olympic triumph, Bang Soo Hyun retired from competition but remained actively involved in badminton. She dedicated her time to coaching school children and the Pan Am junior team, nurturing the next generation of talented players. Additionally, she has been a valued member of Korean broadcaster MPC TV as a Badminton Programme Commentator since 2000. Recognizing her exceptional contributions, the Korean government honored her with the prestigious Korean President’s Award in 1998.

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Bang Soo Hyun – A Renowned Council Member

From 2005 to 2009, Bang Soo Hyun served as a BWF Council Member, contributing her expertise and insights to the development of the sport. Her induction into the BWF Hall of Fame serves as a testament to her significant impact on badminton, joining the ranks of eight other esteemed compatriots. Notably, she received the award from BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer, the men’s singles gold medallist at the 1996 Olympics.

Recognizing Other Badminton Personalities

Ronny de Vos, a prominent figure in Belgian badminton, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award. With two decades of umpiring experience, de Vos has officiated at prestigious events such as the Olympics, World Championships, and the Thomas & Uber Cup.

Ranjit de Silva, known for his dedicated service to badminton in Sri Lanka and Zambia, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. With a remarkable 50-year career, he played a crucial role in developing badminton in Zambia for 18 years. Additionally, he worked with the BWF Council for a total of ten years, making significant contributions to the Constitution & Ethics Working Group.

Jean-Guy Poitras, an international Technical Official, was also recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award. With more than four decades of experience, Poitras served as an umpire for Pan Am and BWF events, including the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of BWF umpires and developing the current education system for umpires.


Q: What is the BWF Hall of Fame?
A: The BWF Hall of Fame honors exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport of badminton. It recognizes athletes, coaches, administrators, and technical officials who have left a lasting legacy in the badminton community.

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Q: Who selects the recipients of the BWF service awards?
A: The Badminton World Federation (BWF) carefully selects the recipients of the service awards based on their outstanding contributions and achievements in the sport.

Q: How can I learn more about the BWF and its initiatives?
A: To learn more about the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and its various initiatives, visit the official Carnegiecentre website.


The induction of Bang Soo Hyun into the BWF Hall of Fame, along with the recognition of Ronny de Vos, Ranjit de Silva, and Jean-Guy Poitras, celebrates the exceptional contributions of these badminton personalities. Their dedication, talent, and commitment have left an indelible mark on the sport. As we commemorate their achievements, we are reminded of the countless individuals who have shaped badminton into the captivating sport it is today.