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BWF News

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is dedicated to enhancing the sport and ensuring its competitiveness in the fast-paced sports-entertainment industry. With a focus on enriching the fan experience, raising the profiles of players, and increasing the commercial value of badminton, the BWF Council has proposed a suite of changes that will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May.

Building Value for Badminton

The BWF Council has been proactive in implementing initiatives to build significant value for badminton. The recent launch of the HSBC BWF World Tour is just one example of these efforts. With a strategic, 360-degree approach, the council aims to optimize the presentation of badminton at the highest level and strengthen its global recognition as a cutting-edge sport.

The key elements of the BWF Council’s approach include:

  • Enriching fan experience to attract new fans
  • Raising the profiles of both established stars and emerging talent
  • Increasing the commercial value of badminton
  • Innovating competition rules
  • Enhancing the quality of the broadcast product

Enhancing Badminton’s Future

To outline their rationale and goals, the BWF Council has circulated a special edition of their newsletter, “Shuttle World,” which highlights the need for greater suspense, shorter matches, and reduced physical and mental stress on players. The document, titled “Enhancing Badminton’s Future,” also addresses strategies for boosting badminton’s commercial value and improving its sports presentation.

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BWF News

Endorsement at the AGM

To bring about these enhancements, the BWF Council is seeking endorsement at the upcoming AGM. Some of the main changes that require approval include:

  • Introducing a new scoring system of 5 to 11
  • Reducing on-court coaching
  • Implementing a service-law change to introduce a fixed height for serves

These changes, particularly the new scoring system, are crucial in the BWF Council’s strategic plan to innovate competition rules, with a specific focus on elite international tournaments.

Embracing Change for the Future

In a letter addressed to BWF’s 189 member associations, BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer emphasizes the need to be bolder and more innovative in order to realize badminton’s vast global potential. He urges his colleagues to embrace change and prioritize what is best for badminton.

It is clear that the BWF is committed to creating an even more exciting and appealing sport, attracting and captivating fans in a competitive global sports market. With these proposed changes, the BWF aims to bring badminton to unprecedented heights in terms of sporting achievement, broadcast appeal, and overall fan experience.

To learn more about the BWF Council’s plans and proposals, please refer to the attached document, “Enhancing Badminton’s Future.”


Q: How will the new scoring system of 5 to 11 enhance badminton?
A: The new scoring system aims to create greater suspense and intensity in matches, making them more exciting for both players and fans.

Q: Why is reducing on-court coaching considered an enhancement?
A: Reducing on-court coaching will allow players to rely more on their own skills and decision-making abilities, adding a new level of challenge to the game.

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Q: How will introducing a fixed height for serves impact the sport?
A: The introduction of a fixed height for serves will ensure fairness and uniformity in the execution of this crucial aspect of the game, making it more consistent and predictable.


The BWF Council’s proposed changes reflect their commitment to continuously improving and advancing the sport of badminton. By prioritizing fan experience, elevating the profiles of players, and innovating competition rules, the BWF strives to take badminton to new heights, both in terms of global recognition and commercial value. With the support of the badminton community, these enhancements can pave the way for an even more exciting future for the sport.

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