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BWF News

Jamaica’s Sam Ricketts and Tahlia Richardson had a strong performance in the mixed doubles Round of 32. They faced off against Australia’s Jack Yu and Kaitlyn Ea, putting up a good fight. The Jamaicans managed to take the second game before eventually falling 21-13 16-21 21-8.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been on these courts, so we’re slowly getting our feeling back,” said Jack Yu. “We made a lot of mistakes in the second game, but we regained our confidence and communicated more in the third. It still feels great to play on the match courts, but the audience isn’t as big. I miss playing on the show court.”

“I think we’re improving as we continue playing. Our communication is getting better, and encouraging each other is key,” added Kaitlyn Ea.

Penty Too Good for Tang

Australia’s Nathan Tang faced England’s sixth seed Toby Penty. Despite the vocal home crowd, Tang showed great determination in some long rallies against the world No. 54. Their longest rally spanned over 48 strokes. However, Penty’s consistent high speed and accurate, patient gameplay outsmarted the Australian, resulting in a score of 21-11 21-7.

“That is the biggest crowd I’ve ever played in front of. I wish I played a better match, but overall I’m quite happy,” said Tang. “There were some fantastic rallies, but Toby is on another level. I tried to keep up with him as long as I could. He must be sore from his bronze medal match, so that was a tactic I was trying to play on. He is able to maintain a base speed without doing anything spectacular and still puts a lot of pressure on me. I don’t find the home crowd intimidating; I’m just soaking it all in. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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New Zealanders Progress

New Zealand’s Oliver Leydon-Davis and Anona Pak had an impressive first appearance at the 2022 Games on the show court. The seventh seeds have been training in the venue for the past week, and today they had the opportunity to experience the playing conditions in front of a large audience. This win will help Pak ease into Friday’s Round of 16 alongside Leydon-Davis, who is making his fifth Commonwealth Games appearance.

“It took a little bit of getting used to, but we started to get a better feeling for it by the end. The atmosphere was unreal, and we feel good about the performance. It was better in the last half of both games, but we’re just trying our best to get used to the conditions,” said Leydon-Davis after defeating Alexandre Bongout/Jemimah Leung of Mauritius 21-7 21-10.

“That was amazing! I loved the cheering, and I knew there were friends and family watching from New Zealand. They woke up very early. My friend was in the crowd too with a big poster. It was so big that she had to cut it in half,” said Pak.


  • Canada’s Brian Yang, one of the contenders for the men’s singles gold, withdrew from his Round of 32 match against Jamaica’s Sam Ricketts.
  • Other withdrawals included Singapore’s men’s doubles medal contenders Terry Hee/Loh Kean Hean (against Canada’s Adam Dong/Nyl Yakura) and England’s Abigail Holden against Canada’s Michelle Li.
  • Sri Lanka’s Sachin Dias had a successful day, winning both his matches. He won in mixed doubles with Thilini Hendahewa against Canada’s Ty Lindeman/Josephine Wu, and in men’s doubles with Buwaneka Goonethilleka against Barbados’ Kennie Maarten King/Shae Michael Martin.
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In summary, the BWF Games have seen some intense matches and impressive performances from players around the world. Despite the challenges, athletes like Sam Ricketts, Tahlia Richardson, Nathan Tang, Toby Penty, Oliver Leydon-Davis, and Anona Pak have shown great determination and skill on the court. We look forward to witnessing more thrilling badminton action in the upcoming rounds of the competition.

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