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On Day 2 of the Spanish Para Badminton International II 2022, Krishna Nagar (SH6), the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic champion, showcased his incredible skills with a decisive victory over Justin Kendrick. This win solidifies his position as a formidable contender in his category, following his remarkable performance in the Japanese capital last year.

Strong Competition in SH6 Men’s Singles

Krishna Nagar acknowledged the high level of competition in the SH6 men’s singles category, stating, “The field in SH6 men’s singles is really strong.” While he recognizes that he has become the player to beat after his success in Tokyo, his primary goal is to maintain his ranking and performance. He is determined to defend his crown at Paris 2024, as well as compete for titles at the World Championships and Asian Para Games.

Krishna Nagar faced Justin Kendrick for the first time in their match, and he expressed his enthusiasm for encountering new players, saying, “There are a lot of newcomers and I love seeing new players.” He aims to demonstrate the strength of the SH6 category and his ability to compete against players in his group. He also highlighted the talent of other players like Krysten Coombs and Vitor Gonçalves Tavares, hoping that the overall level of competition continues to rise.

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Promising Performances from Charles Noakes and Oliwia Szmigiel

Charles Noakes (SH6) from France also had a successful match, securing a convincing victory against Andrew Davies of Scotland. Noakes shared his thoughts on the competition, stating, “Everyone here (in Vitoria) has a great level. I’m really looking forward to making my mark and playing more matches.” His focus was on understanding his opponent’s style of play and finding effective strategies to counter them.

Similarly, Oliwia Szmigiel (SH6) from Poland showcased her resilience by defeating Yu Yen-Wu from Chinese Taipei in a hard-fought match. After a defeat in the women’s doubles earlier in the day, Szmigiel was determined to bounce back. She expressed her satisfaction with the match, saying, “That was a good match, it was close but I worked hard and got the shuttles in the right places. The goal is to continue enjoying playing.” Szmigiel also shared her admiration for Carmen Giuliana Poveda Flores, a player she considers incredibly strong and amazing.

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1. How did Krishna Nagar perform in the Spanish Para Badminton International II 2022?
Krishna Nagar showcased his exceptional skills by securing a victory over Justin Kendrick.

2. What are Krishna Nagar’s goals for the future?
Krishna Nagar aims to maintain his ranking and performance, defend his crown at Paris 2024, and compete for titles at the World Championships and Asian Para Games.

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3. Who are some other notable players in the SH6 category?
Players like Krysten Coombs and Vitor Gonçalves Tavares are recognized for their strong performances in the SH6 category.


Day 2 of the Spanish Para Badminton International II 2022 witnessed outstanding performances by Krishna Nagar, Charles Noakes, and Oliwia Szmigiel. These exceptional athletes displayed their skills and determination to succeed in their respective matches. As the competition intensifies, the level of play in the SH6 category continues to rise, promising exciting future events. Stay updated with Live Scores to follow the latest developments throughout the tournament.

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