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The SCG BWF World Junior Championships has been filled with exciting matchups and impressive performances. Let’s dive into the latest highlights from the tournament.

China Dominates in Group W Showdown

China’s Suhandinata Cup holders displayed their dominance in the semi-finals by defeating Chinese Taipei in an impressive showdown. Having already claimed victories over Australia, Singapore, and Spain in Group W1, China set their sights on Chinese Taipei, the winners of Group W2. Their strong performance in Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles, and Men’s Doubles secured them a triumphant 3-0 win. Chinese Taipei had previously overcome the challenges of Czech Republic, Russia, and Uzbekistan in Group W2.

China dominates in Group W showdown

Japan Stages a Thrilling Comeback

Akane Yamaguchi of Japan, the surprise winner of last month’s Yonex Open Japan, showcased her skills in a thrilling contest against hosts Thailand at Hua Mark Stadium. Despite initially falling behind 2-0 in Men’s Doubles and Women’s Singles, Japan fought back to claim victory in Men’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Yamaguchi, along with Takuto Inoue, emerged as winners in a nail-biting match against Thanadol Jumpanoi and Ruethaichanok Laisuan. This remarkable comeback secured Japan’s victory in Group Y.

Japan stages a thrilling comeback

Exciting Play-offs Determine Semi-finalists

In the Group X play-off, Indonesia bounced back from losing in the Mixed Doubles event to defeat Malaysia, the winners of Group X2, with victories in Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, and Men’s Doubles. Indonesia advanced to the semi-finals as winners of Group X1. In the preliminaries, Indonesia emerged victorious against France, Sri Lanka, and the USA, while Malaysia triumphed over Bulgaria, the Philippines, and Scotland.

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Exciting play-offs determine semi-finalists

Korea, winners of Group Z1, showcased their skills by defeating Vietnam, champions of Group Z2, in three straight-games matches in Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles, and Men’s Doubles. Korea advanced to the group play-offs after prevailing over India and South Africa in Group Z1. Meanwhile, Vietnam proved their strength by outplaying Armenia, Hong Kong, and Turkey in Group Z2.

Korea shines in Group Z

What’s Next?

The semi-finals are set to be thrilling as Japan faces Korea, and China battles Indonesia. Both China and Korea have yet to drop a match in the tournament, making their clash even more exciting. The play-off losers, including Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, will compete for places fifth to eighth. The remaining positions in the 30-team event will also be determined as the Suhandinata Cup reaches its climax on Sunday.

For all the latest results from the Suhandinata Cup, visit the Carnegiecentre.


Q: Who is the current champion of the Suhandinata Cup?
A: China is the reigning champion of the Suhandinata Cup.

Q: Which teams have advanced to the semi-finals?
A: The teams that have reached the semi-finals are Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia.

Q: When will the Suhandinata Cup come to a close?
A: The Suhandinata Cup will reach its conclusion on Sunday with the final matches.


The SCG BWF World Junior Championships have delivered thrilling matches and remarkable performances. China showcased their dominance, Japan staged a thrilling comeback, and Korea displayed their skills in the group play-offs. As the tournament progresses to the semi-finals, the competition is set to reach even greater heights. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting matches at the Suhandinata Cup!

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