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Korea Sweeps Badminton Team Title at the 27th Summer Universiade


Korea emerged victorious in the badminton team event at the 27th Summer Universiade, delivering a stunning 3-0 triumph over their arch-rivals, China, in the final held in Kazan, Russia. Led by two-time Olympic medallist Lee Yong Dae, Korea exhibited their dominance in Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles, and Men’s Doubles, securing the gold medal.

Lee Yong Dae Leads the Charge

Lee Yong Dae, in collaboration with Chang Ye Na, displayed exceptional performance in the Mixed Doubles category. They overpowered Liu Cheng and Luo Yu with a score of 21-14 21-16, securing the first win for Korea. Later, Lee again showcased his skills alongside his Men’s Doubles partner, Ko Sung Hyun, who currently holds the top spot in the world rankings. The duo comfortably defeated Li Gen and Chen Luoxun with a resounding 21-9 21-11 victory.

A Hard-Fought Battle

In Men’s Singles, Korea’s Hong Ji Hoon faced a formidable challenge from Gao Huan. After an intense match, Hong emerged triumphant with a final score of 21-19 17-21 21-18. The hard-fought victory contributed to Korea’s overall success in the tournament.

Road to the Final

Before reaching the final, both Korea and China had to navigate their way through tough competition. In the quarter-finals, China defeated Germany, while Korea triumphed over Poland. Thailand and Chinese Taipei also progressed to the semi-finals with wins against Malaysia and Japan, respectively. In the semi-finals, China narrowly overcame Chinese Taipei with a 3-2 victory, while Korea held off Thailand by the same margin. The semi-finalists were awarded bronze medals for their commendable performances.

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Individual Competition and Medal Contention

The badminton tournament at the 27th Summer Universiade will now transition to the individual competition. Competitors from 40 countries will vie for medals in Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The matches will take place at the Tennis Academy and will culminate on Thursday.

Spectacular Opening Ceremony

The Summer Universiade 2013 commenced with a visually stunning opening ceremony. The event featured captivating fireworks and mesmerizing displays, reminiscent of major sporting occasions. The 27th Summer Universiade flame was ignited above the Kazan Arena Stadium and will continue to burn until the games conclude on July 17th. The opening ceremony paid homage to significant moments in Russian history, including the flourishing of Russian art, the revolutionary period, the war years, and the first manned space flight.

For a comprehensive list of badminton results at the 27th Summer Universiade, visit the official Carnegiecentre website here.


Q: Who emerged as the winners in the badminton team event at the 27th Summer Universiade?
A: Korea emerged as the winners, defeating China in the final.

Q: Which players contributed significantly to Korea’s victory?
A: Lee Yong Dae played a pivotal role, securing wins in Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles.

Q: What was the outcome of the Men’s Singles match between Korea and China?
A: Hong Ji Hoon from Korea emerged as the winner in a closely contested match against Gao Huan from China.

Q: Which countries reached the semi-finals of the badminton team event?
A: China, Korea, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei reached the semi-finals.

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Q: Where will the individual competition for badminton take place?
A: The individual competition will be held at the Tennis Academy.

Q: When will the badminton tournament conclude?
A: The badminton tournament will conclude on Thursday.


Korea’s dominant performance in the badminton team event at the 27th Summer Universiade showcases the country’s prowess in the sport. Led by Lee Yong Dae, the team secured a comprehensive victory over China, cementing their status as the tournament champions. As the individual competition unfolds, the stakes will be higher, promising thrilling matches and medal contention. Stay updated with the latest results on the Carnegiecentre website.