Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

BWF News

Today, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is launching the #WeThe15 campaign, a global movement aimed at raising awareness for people with disabilities and mobilizing the community for change. The campaign focuses on celebrating the 15% of the world’s population with disabilities, promoting assistive technology for social inclusion, and empowering governments, businesses, and the public to create an inclusive society.

Rachel Choong, a three-time women’s singles SH6 world champion, shared her thoughts on the campaign. She believes that by making Para badminton more accessible and engaging for people with disabilities, the sport can experience significant growth. As a level-one badminton coach, Choong is committed to helping disabled individuals discover the joy of Para badminton and find their path into the sport.

Chan Ho Yuen Daniel, the WH2 men’s singles world No.2 in wheelchair badminton, sees Para badminton athletes as inspirational figures who showcase what people with disabilities can achieve. Through the #WeThe15 campaign, Chan hopes to inspire not only the 15% of disabled individuals but also those without disabilities by demonstrating that disability is not a barrier to greatness.

To learn more about the #WeThe15 campaign and how you can contribute, visit the official website at

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