Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

BWF News

The Yonex French Open concluded with surprising winners in the singles category, Daren Liew from Malaysia and Minatsu Mitani from Japan. Despite being overlooked at the start of the tournament, Liew and Mitani emerged as champions in the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles, respectively. This victory holds great significance for both players as it marks their first major title in international competition. Liew’s triumph over Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen and Mitani’s astonishing victory against India’s Saina Nehwal have opened up exciting possibilities for badminton in Malaysia and Japan.

In other finals, China claimed victory in the Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories, while Korea secured the Men’s Doubles title. The impressive performances from Ma Jin and Tang Jinhua in the Women’s Doubles final and Ma Jin’s partnership with Xu Chen in the Mixed Doubles final showcased China’s dominance in those events. Additionally, Lee Yong Dae and Ko Sung Hyun’s win in the Men’s Doubles highlighted Korea’s prowess in that discipline.

Liew’s tactical brilliance in exploiting Axelsen’s height and employing a range of shots ultimately secured him the victory. His well-executed jump smashes and strategic moves kept his opponent on his toes throughout the match. Mitani’s defensive skills proved to be the downfall of Nehwal, who struggled to break through her opponent’s strong defense. Mitani’s consistent returns, even against Nehwal’s powerful smashes, and her ability to outlast her opponent in long rallies contributed to her remarkable win.

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The Women’s Doubles final between Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua and Christinna Pedersen/Kamilla Rytter Juhl was closely contested. Despite facing four game points in the second game, Ma Jin and Tang Jinhua emerged as the victors. Tang Jinhua’s unpredictable overhead strokes caught their opponents off guard, ultimately making the difference in the match.

Lee Yong Dae and Ko Sung Hyun concluded the tournament with a victory over their Thai rivals in the Men’s Doubles final. This tournament marked Lee Yong Dae’s second appearance since winning the Olympic bronze with Chung Jae Sung, who retired shortly after.

The Yonex French Open showcased incredible talent and unexpected triumphs, highlighting the growth and potential of players from Malaysia and Japan.